Celebrity Halloween Costumes Recapped

October has ended and the world is now transitioning from spooky season to family meals and Christmas carols. However, October wouldn’t be completed without recapping the best Halloween costumes of the year. Check out the list below to see a few of the most popular celeb costumes of Halloween 2019!

Kylie Jenner as Ariel the Little Mermaid

Courtesy: Moose Gazette

A classic costume executed so well. Not only did Kylie have the perfect detailed shell bra, but her clear heeled sandals gave the illusion that her fin, which she included with a green iridescent scaled skirt, was just transformed into feet; this detail gave off the appearance of her walking barefoot, just as Ariel was in the movie. Kylie topped off the look with a flounder chained purse which was only fitting because we all know Ariel and Flounder are inseparable!

Sofia Richie as Sleeping Beauty

Courtesy: Daily Mail

A Disney Princess costume but make it fashion. Leaving in staple elements of the character’s dress, such as the off-the-shoulder sleeves, cinched waist and sparkles, Sofia Richie turned Princess Aroura’s gown into a sexy mini dress while still looking elegant and regal. Her golden locks, gold accents and perfectly placed crown let us know we better not sleep on this beauty!

Ciara and Russell Wilson as Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Courtesy: Pop Sugar

How does one iconic couple pay homage to another? By dressing up as them for Halloween! Ciara and Russell Wilson broke the internet last week with their Halloween costumes and video which featured the couple as Jay-Z and Beyoncé in their APES**T music video. The Wilsons executed this look spot on, all the way down to their hand placements in each picture. Fans mention having to do a double-take to realize it was not Beyoncé and Jay-Z. With their own little twist, the couple paid homage to another strong black couple by placing a photo of the Obamas in the same place the Carters had the Mona Lisa up in the original video.

Kim Kardashian as Elle Woods

Courtesy: E-News

“I object!” said no one when Kim K debuted her Halloween costume. With lots of sparkles, lots of pinks, the perfect blonde wig and of course Bruster, this fashion icon and soon to be lawyer embodied Elle Woods with several looks from the movie and a full remake of her character’s Harvard Video Essay. Talk about committing to your costume!

Ariana Grande as Janet Tyler from The Twilight Zone’s “Eye of the Beholder”

Courtesy: Daily Mail

Ariana Grande challenged beauty standards with her costume as a character from a popular episode of The Twilight Zone called “Eye of the Beholder” released in 1960. The main character undergoes a series of plastic surgeries to look “normal” but all of them fail and she is deemed ugly in the eyes of those around her, but her features resemble those we currently have set as the beauty standard. Grande captured the full look with style references from that era in elegant black and white photos.

Stormi Webster as Kylie Jenner

Courtesy: Harpers Bazar Arabia

It’s time for a who wore it better post! Truly her mother’s mini-me, Stormi dressed up as Kylie Jenner this Halloween. The toddler wore a more modest replica of Jenner’s Met Gala Camp look, all the way down to the puffy feathered sleeves and the lavender wig. A young fashionista, we can’t wait to see what she brings us next Halloween!

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