Celebrate With a Custom Filter, It's Your SNAP-Day!

It's Sunday night and you're procrastinating per usual, binge-watching some Netflix saga and stuffing your face. You get to scrolling through your Facebook feed and a lovely reminder pops up. CRAP. Your friend's birthday is tomorrow. Not just any friend either; I mean you see her every day in class and you guys went on a few clubbing adventures— she even pays for the Ubers. A simple birthday text just won't do. You need a gift. Maybe you can throw together a cute basket with her favorite candy? Geez, you did that last year. Well, wait a minute, she loves filters. Literally, all the pictures you have with her—filter-fied. You might think there's no way to create a custom geo-filter on Snapchat. I mean it's probably way out of your budget anyway, right? Think again!

One of my closest friends and roommate celebrated her twenty-first birthday last month (Shout out to Kamari). 21 is a BIG deal, so my friend and I knew we had to do something just as big to contribute to the celebration. We made a gift basket, sporting tons of miniature alcohol bottles, a birthday cake and we even made a balloon wall. But what really helped to set the event off was the custom Snapchat geo-filter. I was nervous about making it so last minute, literally an hour before her birthday; and assumed it would be too hard, time-consuming and expensive. But what many people don’t know is how simple it really is! Here are the simple steps to creating your own custom geo-filter that your friends and family are sure to enjoy.

First, you want to have the Snapchat app and an account, which you can download from the App Store. After you're logged in, you want to get to your main page, which shows your username and snap-code. In the upper right-hand corner is your setting wheel, click that and you'll be taken to a screen with tons of settings. Scroll to the tab labeled "Filters & Lenses" which will take you to your orders, where you can start creating. Once you're there, click the upper right-hand corner, which will take you to this page.

Courtesy: SnapchatCourtesy: Kamari

From here you can choose if you want to create a custom filter or a custom lens (like those cute puppy faces and hearts we love so much). Each option has a set of different occasions with premade filters ready to be customized. There's literally something for everyone, just take your pick! Once you choose, you can fill it with all your custom desires—even emojis. Then you'll be taken to a page that allows you to set the location of the filter and how long you want it to be active. This is the part that determines the price. The smaller the area and the shorter time, the less inexpensive the price. I was able to center my friend's filter in our apartment complex and surrounding streets all day for under 20 bucks. That's a win to me!  The filter will then be looked over and approved within 20 minutes and you're all set. My friend enjoyed her custom filter all day and was so surprised at how easy it was to make. Now that I have shared this secret, go create filters for every occasion. This is the perfect, unique gift for the Snapchat savvy!

Courtesy: Kamari