Cat Fest is a Thing and it's Coming to Tally in October

In less than a month, a hurricane has hit Tallahassee, a child’s plague is floating around FSU and the traffic on Tennessee Street has grown to horrific new lengths. These reasons alone are enough to wear anyone down, especially given the harsh reality that syllabus week is over and now it’s time to get serious. While clubs and Netflix provide their own values to de-stressing, sometimes one needs diversity. Well… Her Campus FSU has the purrr-fect thing for you!

Mark your calendars: On October 2, Railroad Square Art Park will be holding a Cat Fest! The event will take place on a Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., just after your hangover brunch. Admission is free, and all donations go to support local animals.

Cat Family Records, The Crum Box Gastgarden and Pets Ad Litem are hosting the festival. Cat Fest will serve as a fundraiser for animals, a music festival and adoption awareness event. Five stages will be placed around the park, featuring local bands and artists with an area for adopting kittens!

If you have your own pet at home (cat or dog) and a DIY board on Pinterest, then you might be interested in uploading a picture of your pet to the Cat Fest page with the tag #catfest2016 for a chance to win a costume contest. The winner will be crowned “Queen or King of Cat Fest 2016” with a bag of special prizes.

Courtesy: Cat Family Records

So don’t stress, come to the Cat Fest!