Cast of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4’ Announced

After months of speculation, the cast for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 has been officially revealed. On the heels of the announcement of a holiday special episode of Drag Race, the show is maintaining that momentum.

The star-studded cast of past seasons will include the ranks of Monét X Change, Latrice Royale, Trinity Taylor, Farrah Moan, Valentina, Monique Heart, Jasmine Masters, Naomi Smalls, Gia Gunn and Manila Luzon. Many familiar with the show will be quick to recognize these celebrity Drag Race alum who will be gracing the stage. They will battle it out to become part of the All Stars hall of fame.

While this comes as news to many, there are some fans who have been sitting on this information for quite some time. With a plethora of leaks and rumors spreading all over the Internet on sites like Reddit, it has been difficult to keep much of the information undercover. Nonetheless, with eyes locked on the television screen, there are still many surprises left to be unveiled from under RuPaul’s sleeve.

Courtesy: YouTube


Despite the excitement, the reveal of the cast list has stirred up some long-standing controversy surrounding the issue of transgender contestants competing on the show. RuPaul faced backlash for his comments in reference to drag being limited to men and when asked if he would let a transitioning queen undergoing gender-correction surgery participate in the show he responded, “probably not.” This stirs trouble for queen Gia Gunn who, since her participation in Drag Race in 2014, has come out as an openly transgender woman. Gunn responded to RuPaul’s comments stating, “If you are a fierce artist, you’re a fierce artist and should be judged based on your art. NOT your gender identity!” It will be interesting to see Gunn on the show as a trans woman and how it will play a part in the show’s plot progression.

Fans were also quick to notice the number of Season 9 queens that will be competing against one another for the second time, particularly Farrah Moan and Valentina. The two shared a seemingly amicable relationship during their time on their season; however, it was revealed in the reunion episode that there was more tension there than met the eye. A bickering fight broke out with Farrah Moan expressing that Valentina had been a fair friend to her and stating in a dramatic turn of events, “You don’t love me.” The drama is expected to be in full-swing once they are back in the Werk Room together. In a statement accompanying the announcement regarding the beef between them, Farrah Moan states that things are “pretty good” but feels that Valentina will “never love” her because “there’s too much love for herself there.”

The tension is definitely coming on full force for All Stars and viewers cannot wait.

Even RuPaul has chimed in on some of the drama surrounding the upcoming season, especially with the shadow of All Stars 3 looming. Many fans were upset over the crowning of Trixie Mattel over Shangela since the decision was made by eliminated queens, not the judges. “The girls on All Stars 4 are exciting and they have so much more to show,” said RuPaul. “I think it will shock fans, although I don’t think they’ll be as disappointed. We always try to do something fresh and interesting, and sometimes it turns out in a way that you don’t really expect. I love Trixie. She’s a real superstar, but I really didn’t count on the other girls who came back being so vindictive [by voting to eliminate Shangela from the Top 2].” There will be a lot of raised eyebrows come premiere time with many hoping for a more even playing field for these Drag Race veterans. 

Although just announced, All Stars 4 already has the buzz surrounding it to make it the season to remember. Whether here for the drama, the looks, the queens, or a mix of the three, tuning into the new season is sure to be a smash. In the words of RuPaul “Good luck, and may the best woman win!”

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 premieres on Friday, Dec. 14 at 8/7c on VH1.