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food and laptop
Original photo by McKenna Robinson

Where You Should Eat on Campus Depending on Your Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

While I was talking to my friend the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that I decide where to eat, on campus at Florida State University (FSU), depending on what mood I am in, rather than what food I am craving on a given day. Here is where you should eat on FSU’s campus, dependent on what mood you are in.

Impatient: Einstein Bagels

I didn’t become a bagel girl until this year but Einstein Bagels is what converted me. I know the line looks intimidating when it’s out the door, but from personal experience; the staff is really nice and always has me out the door within ten minutes. I’m sure all of you know that getting food around meal times on campus takes a long time wherever you go, but Einstein’s is the shortest turnaround I’ve seen so far.

Sick: Pollo Tropical

I am partial to Pollo Tropical because it is my go-to sick food. Whenever I’m feeling under the weather, or particularly hungry I love nothing more than a bowl from Pollo tropical. I recommend you get the white rice with black beans and grilled chicken with whatever toppings you like. Aside from your mother’s cooking, this rice is the best I’ve ever had. Bonus: you may run into Ms. Killings at the Union who is sure to lift your spirits!

Confused: Suwannee Room

Trust me on this one. We are returning to freshman year’s old faithful. I know for some of us, eating at Suwannee Room may be tainted by memories of freshman life on campus when you were eating every single meal there, but with time and distance, I think you may just find the renaissance of Suwanee Room is upon us. There are so many options at Suwannee, particularly for students who have dietary restrictions or allergies. And if you just don’t know what you want, you can get a little bit of everything. For picky eaters like me, Suwanee is a good option because it allows me to get another food option (if I don’t like what I got the first time around) without paying any more money. We all need to work on having more healthy eating patterns in our lives despite our busy schedules and Suwanee is a great location on campus to do that.

Bored: Starbucks

I’ve decided that this year is the year to treat yourself. My favorite treat is a Strawberry Açai from one of the many Starbucks on campus. Think of it as a reward that you earned by going to your most boring class that day or heading to work later. You’ll find that you can reframe the activity that you don’t want to do by agreeing that you will get a sweet treat after. I know it may sound slightly immature, but it has worked for me very well so far. I haven’t skipped any classes this semester. My favorite location is the Azalea Hall one because I can mobile order ahead of time and pick it up on the way since I am always running late.

Adventurous: Off-Campus

When you are sick and done with every place on campus, I have got you with some places that are within walking distance. A favorite of many is Little Masa in College Town. I’d recommend the bowls which are slightly pricey, but enough food to last you two meals. For those who dare to cross Tennessee Street, there are many options there. I promise you it is not as far as you think it is. On Gaines Street, two of my favorites are the Iron Daisy and Gaines Street Pies which each deserve an article on their own.

I know it’s hard to adjust, especially for freshmen who don’t have the best kitchen situations, but by finding one or two comfort places you’ll make it easier to make it to your next home-cooked meal.

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Jenna is a freshman this year at FSU. This is her first year writing for Her Campus and she is very excited to join the team!