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Shortcuts, Free Stuff, and the Best Views at FSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As a student spending her fourth year on campus whose only mode of transportation is her own two feet, I’d say I know my way around this side of town. When you need to cry, eat, poop, and sleep all while on campus between your classes — you just need to know the spots. How about if your bank account is running low and you want some free food? Or if you need to get from the Student Union to the Williams Building ASAP? Let me tell you everything.

Free Stuff

Time and time again, Landis has impressed me without fail. I’ve gotten Krispy Kreme, Steve Madden, pizza, ice cream, and way too much candy from strolling through this area. Campus involvement organizations occasionally set up tents on Landis Green to advertise their missions, and what better way to advertise than with free stuff?


I’ve had my fair share of being the girl with the huge backpack power-walking across campus to either get to the bathroom or class. It seems all my answers lead back to Landis. Personally, all my classes are around the Westcott Fountain and if I stray to the other side of campus, I am pulling up my mental map to Landis Green and then redirecting from that point to my next location. It’s our campus green for a reason!

I find myself straying from the sidewalk and walking on any grass if I see it provides a more direct route. I’m late and it’s hot, and I don’t care if I look weird.

private places (aka bathrooms)

As for private places, I am talking about ladies’ restrooms. The bathroom in the Union is on the same floor as Starbucks. It’s very large and has very tall stalls. I would recommend putting your headphones in and heading to the second-to-last stall.

If you’re by Strozier, go into the library. One floor below the entry-level floor, there is a girls’ bathroom in the stairwell that looks like it hasn’t been renovated since the ’80s. I’m not saying it’s nice, but it’s private.

My final spot that I discovered while working in 1851 is the single bathrooms inside of Joe Mama’s Pizza. There are two massive private bathrooms that both lock and I usually never see a line form outside of either of the doors.


Relating to both shortcuts and the best views, there is one scenic path that I take every time I am on campus. If you leave 1851 and start heading towards Westcott, there is a statue of three women surrounded by hanging trees in the Greek Park. During golden hour it appeals the most to me, but its surrounding benches and gazebo create a magical vibe that I’m lucky to walk through for even five minutes. Another gorgeous view following this route is inside Dodd Hall. The glass-stained windows are something everyone must see in their time here.

To draw to a close, I’m going to list some known but less thought-of locations for beautiful views: Call Street Garage Parking Deck, Hotel Indigo Deck, Union Balcony, Legacy Walk, and the greenery surrounding the Health and Wellness Building that connects to Legacy Walk.

Over my years here, I have noticed that my tuition doesn’t only pay for my classes, but also the beautiful scenery and some surprise goodies throughout my day. Not only have I learned about how to pursue a career in journalism, but also where to go for the most private spots and gorgeous sunsets around campus.

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