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FSU Wescott building/area
FSU Wescott building/area
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My Favorite Hidden Gems On and Off FSU’s Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

When I first stepped foot in Tallahassee, Florida, I never thought I would find the things I know and love today. My favorite restaurants, quaint cafés, and libraries I love were no longer at my disposal. Faced with an entirely new scene, I was lost. As a Tampa native, my world seemed to close in on me. As dramatic as I might seem, I’m sure many of us (myself included) were or still are unsure of all that Tallahassee and Florida State University have to offer.

Being a junior here at FSU, I’ve been exposed to many different fun activities both on and off campus. I’ve made Tallahassee a better home away from home than I ever thought it would be by experiencing so many different things. Many of these things are known and loved by tons of students and Tallahassee residents alike, while others are more unexplored (but deserve more hype). If you’re the type of person who likes activities such as hiking, thrifting, and yoga, here are some exciting places and events you might never have known existed and may become favorites of yours!

Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

As an avid outdoorsman, I love spending my weekends hiking, kayaking, or relaxing with a book on a hammock in the woods. Because of this, Lafayette Heritage Trail Park has become my favorite nature scene. About half of its trail is unpaved and the other half is a very high bridge that allows for a view of scenery from the treetops. I never would have imagined something like this to be in Tallahassee. The park itself is very quiet and is truly a hidden gem! I highly recommend taking a morning hike or having a picnic at one of the many inlets along the lake there.

The Good Berry Açaí Bowls

If I had to recommend just one restaurant in Tallahassee, I would choose The Good Berry Açaí Bowls. I absolutely love açaí. For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s a smoothie bowl covered with toppings ranging from fruits to granola. I have been big on açaí ever since high school, but The Good Berry Açaí Bowls is different. I am not joking when I say that I can barely finish a bowl of theirs. The restaurant is not shy about packing them full of amazing goodies.

An amazing part about this hidden gem is that it has so many different açaí options and allows you to sample and even mix and match the ones your heart desires. It also has such friendly staff. It is by far one of my favorite eateries in Tallahassee and deserves all the hype.

Railroad Square Art District’s “First Friday” festival

Moving onto my favorite festival that takes place the first Friday of every month here in Tallahassee. “First Friday” is located at the Railroad Square Art District, about a mile from FSU’s campus. The festival has live music, food trucks, and many different vendors.

In general, Railroad Square has local businesses such as NorthFlora Collective, which is a nursery, and The Other Side Vintage, which is a clothing store with a huge inventory of apparel that makes it almost impossible to leave empty-handed. I recommended going during First Friday, as these shops (and more) are open all at once. Trust me, there’s something for everyone. Grab your friends and come out!

FSU Yoga Classes and Sauna Rooms

When I first learned that FSU’s gym, the Leach Student Recreation Center, provides weekly yoga classes and has sauna rooms, I was amazed! I’ve always enjoyed the idea of yoga, but ever since I attended a class instructed by a fellow student, I’ve changed. Being guided and taught all that goes into the practice is an amazing pastime. The classes can be very small, making them extremely personable. They last about an hour and contain exercise options such as strength training and Vinyasa. To sign up for a class or to explore other ones offered at Leach, check out the FSU Rec Connect website.

If you attend a yoga class at Leach, you can head downstairs to the gym’s swimming area and relax in the steam or sauna rooms afterward. As a stressed student, taking some time to release negativity and heal the body is necessary for me. What better way to do so than a day filled with a yoga and sauna session?

The FSU Heritage Museum

I’m sure that most FSU students have had their fair share of Strozier and Dirac Library experiences. As great as those libraries are, however, I’ve found another quiet space on campus that’s straight out of a movie: the FSU Heritage Museum. It’s located in Dodd Hall, which served as the main library for students until Strozier was built.

Many renovations have been made since Dodd Hall was built in 1923. It currently houses a place that takes you through the years of FSU from the beginning until today. While now a historical museum, it is still a quiet space for students to study. Additionally, students can enjoy the beautiful architecture such as the stained-glass windows, which are my favorite part of this quaint FSU gem.

While these places and events are just a few of my favorite hidden gems at and around FSU, I hope you find some that you’d be interested in as well. Tallahassee is full of so many treasures, and I’m continuing to find them throughout my journey here. So I hope this inspires you to try new things because you never know what you might find. Always remember to never stop exploring! 

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Hey guys! My name is Lauren and I am a Junior here at FSU. I am on the Pre-Med track but love to write in my free time! I write on a plethora of topics so stay tuned. :) I hope you enjoy my articles with wishes they bring a little joy into your day! Happy reading, stay kind! <3