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Is an LLC Right for Me? The Pros and Cons of FSU’s Living-Learning Communities

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Are you considering applying for a Living-Learning Community this year? As a current member of the Global and Public Affairs program, I’ll be talking about the pros and cons I’ve come across so you can make an informed decision regarding accepting, rejecting or even just applying to one—or multiple—LLCs. Before I explain what I like and don’t like about the Living-Learning Communities, here’s a brief breakdown of the LLCs offered at FSU’s main campus:

Engineering LLC

Magnolia Hall hosts the Engineering Living-Learning Community. The group of 30 students must take a three-credit hour course together. Anyone who is a pre-engineering major or intends to major in engineering is eligible to apply!

Entrepreneurship LLC

Deviney Hall is home to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation LLC. It is comprised of 38 students who have the same passion for creating, inventing, and putting their ideas into action. The participants must take eight credit hours worth of classes, and it is open to all first-year students!

Global and Public Affairs LLC

Dorman Hall has the Global and Public Affairs Living-Learning Community that is composed of 38 students. Five credit hours worth of courses must be completed by the end of the first year. If you’re a Social Science major or minor, consider joining for an experience you’ll never forget!

Exploratory and Discovery LLC

Bryan Hall offers students who are a part of the Exploratory and Discovery LLC to discover majors or potential career paths they may be interested in. It is mandatory to complete the five credit hours worth of courses throughout the year. There are 128 people proud to call Bryan their home, and you can be one of them if you’re a first-year student! 

Health Professions LLC

Reynolds Hall provides a space for those who are interested to live in the Health Professions LLC together. The group is made up of 44 students that are required to take only a one-credit hour course. If you’re major is anything health-related, consider joining! 

Music LLC

Cawthon Hall is home to the Music LLC, the largest Living-Learning Community at FSU. The group of 180 students must complete 6 credit hours worth of courses. This is an amazing opportunity for any Music majors or minors! 


Cawthon Hall also houses the WIMSE (Women In Math, Science and Engineering) LLC on one of the upper floors. The group is made up of 33 women who take two credit hours worth of labs together. If you’re a woman whose major is related to math, science or engineering, look into applying for awesome research and leadership opportunities! 


Wildwood Hall is home to the FGEN Noles as they navigate their freshman year at FSU. Being first-generation college students, the camaraderie found within the 76 people in this LLC will help make anyone feel more at ease in their new environment. The only requirements are completing four- to six-credit hour courses and being a first-generation and first-time college student!

Nursing LLC

Wildwood Hall offers people who are in the Nursing LLC to closely interact with nursing faculty, advisors and upper-division majors. It is composed of 30 people who take two credit hours worth of classes as a group. Anyone is welcome to apply—especially Nursing majors—to reap the great benefits of this Living-Learning Community! 

Pros of Joining an LLC

The are multiple reasons why these small groups are appealing to freshmen at FSU. Below are some of my favorite things about my experience this year in an LLC: 

1. Tight-Knit COmmunity

In my opinion, the best part of being in an LLC is how close everyone becomes by the end of the year. Since there are required classes that every member of the group must take together, you spend a lot of time getting to know the people in your Living-Learning Community. It is also comforting having the whole floor you’re living on composed of people in the LLC you’re a part of and may even help cut back on the homesickness felt early on during your college experience.

2. COunts as engage 100 Course

The Engage 100 is a new requirement that was just implemented going into the 2022-2023 school year. The program is meant to help freshmen have an easier time getting used to college. However, if you join a Living-Learning Community, you don’t have to worry about this requirement because it is fulfilled by being in an LLC.

3. Meeting People with similar Goals

A vast majority of the Living-Learning Communities require applicants to have a specific major or share the same passion. It is very easy to come across people who will be taking the same classes as you, making the probability of having a similar schedule to the new friends you make in the LLC high. 

4. Fascinating Classes and Professors

Although the required classes are selected by the professors months before you start your first semester, they try their best to pick courses they feel will resonate with students. While your required classes may not be something you originally envisioned yourself taking, they may lead you to discover something new that you’re passionate about. Plus, the professors who head the LLCs are all amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. 

5. Tons of opportunities

Most of the Living-Learning Communities offer unique experiences to the students involved. While in an LLC, you’re able to form a close connection with your professors or mentors, take part in research and leadership programs and learn from guest speakers who are experts in their fields. 

6. Possibility of living in a better residence hall

If you have a low contract number and are panicking, consider putting in for some LLCs. If there are LLCs that interest you and are located in the dorm of your preference, apply! Here’s a ranking of the dorms if you’re still trying to figure out which residence hall is the best fit for you! 

Cons of Joining an LLC

Although there have been so many positives to come out of being in a Living-Learning Community, there are a few things that may deter people from joining. Here are some reasons why an LLC might not be for you: 

1. Mandatory Classes

As detailed under the requirements for each LLC listed above, they all have mandatory classes participants must complete. It may be hard in already-busy class schedules to find room for these classes, and even though the LLC itself sounds fun, the required courses may not appeal to everyone. However, failure to take these courses will result in being kicked out of the Living-Learning Community, and you’ll be relocated to a different floor or building, so just make sure you have the time and dedication before committing. 

2. Lack of diversity Major-Wise

Considering around half of the LLCs require a specific major to join, the possibility of living with someone who is studying the same thing as you is high. While this may be seen as a positive by some, others may want to interact with individuals from all walks of life for the full college experience. Additionally, hanging around people who are majoring in something else might pique your interest in things you never would’ve thought you’d been interested in before.

3. Limited Roommate options

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to not join LLCs is because they can’t request someone outside of the Living-Learning Community to be their roommate. While this is a pain, it may lead you to meet your best friend, and the process forces you to interact with new people. 

While I’d personally suggest joining an LLC, I know they’re not for everyone. As long as you’re open to getting involved on campus, using the amazing resources FSU has to offer and making new memories and friendships, you’ll look back at your time in college fondly. Best of luck with your decision and your future endeavors here at FSU, and—as always—go Noles!

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Hello! My name is Elle Lazare, and I’m from Rockledge, Florida! I’m a Psychology major at Florida State University. I love playing tennis, reading books, attending all of the football games at FSU, and watching horror movies. I’m so excited to be a member of Her Campus and cannot wait to share my writing with you all!