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How To Stay Involved On and Off FSU’s Campus as a Queer Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

It’s always time for pride, but that especially rings true this month at Florida State University. In October, we celebrate FSU’s Pride Month along with LGBTQ+ History Month. With this, there are so many ways to get involved if you want to show off your pride or feel a sense of community.

As a queer student, I know it can be a little intimidating to try and get involved with a new LGBTQ+ community. During my first year, I struggled to find queer-friendly places and events to meet other people due to being new to the area. But if you do a little bit of digging, you’ll find that FSU and Tallahassee locals provide a plethora of opportunities to get involved with FSU Pride Month and LGBTQ+ History Month.

Join FSU Pride Student Union’s General Body Meetings

The biggest one-stop shop for FSU Pride Month celebrations is our very own Pride Student Union. Established in 1969, the Pride Student Union has become a great resource for all queer students on campus and around Tallahassee. If you’re looking for an introduction to this organization, feel free to join in on their general body meetings, which are usually held once a month. By going to these, you can learn about upcoming events hosted on or near campus and meet others who are involved.

Attend Local FSU Pride Month Events

In my opinion, attending local FSU Pride Month events is the most exciting way to get involved. Throughout the school year (but especially this month in particular), there’s plenty to do. You can find out more by following the Pride Student Union’s Instagram page and joining their GroupMe. From the Pride Prom to events hosted by Club Downunder, queer students can always find enjoyable activities to partake in. The annual drag show is one of my favorite FSU Pride-themed events I’ve gone to. The Pride Student Union invites local drag queens to perform on campus, and every year they put on an incredible and entertaining show that’s free to students.

Support Local Queer Tallahassee businesses

Fortunately, getting involved with the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t have to be limited to on-campus activities. In honor of LGBTQ+ History Month, there are many queer-owned businesses around Tallahassee that you can support such as Common Ground Books, a local LGBTQ+ and feminist bookstore. I’ve learned about these places that are around town by attending the Railroad Square Art District’s “First Friday” festival, which is hosted on the first Friday of every month. There, you can enjoy local live music, thrift shops, and stop by booths hosted by owners of queer businesses.

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community isn’t limited to only one month of the year, so getting involved with it on and off campus doesn’t have to be either. There are always new ways to meet other queer people around town and find your place within the community, whether it be attending events or even just finding a new place to shop. It’s fine if you don’t find the perfect place for yourself right away, it took me a while to discover the best options for making connections. Nonetheless, it’s always worth it to put yourself out there! Happy LGBTQ+ History Month and FSU Pride Month!

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Holly is currently a Media/Communication Studies major at Florida State University, planning to minor in English. She enjoys making Spotify playlists, hanging out with friends, and writing!