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How To Spend Your Saturdays at FSU This Spring Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With the Florida State University football season now concluded, Saturdays for students are suddenly very open. On Saturdays during fall semester, students usually get ready with friends and tailgate before going to Doak Campbell Stadium to watch football. It turns into an all-day event! If you find yourself with a lot of free time on weekends now, here are some ideas to help you stay busy and feel more connected to FSU and Tallahassee.

Check out other FSU sports teams

It sometimes seems like football is the only sport to exist during its season because of all the attention and hype. However, FSU has a plethora of other athletic events that you can attend in the spring! The FSU men’s basketball team plays in the Civic Center on Saturdays during home games. You can request tickets online just as you would for football. Invite your friends and spend an evening indoors at the Civic Center as the weather starts to cool down this month!

Governor’s Square Mall

Tallahassee may be small, but it can pride itself on having a wide-selection mall! From Forever 21 to Hot Topic, Governor’s Square Mall carries anything you could be looking for during a day shopping trip. The mall has two levels and over 100 stores to shop in and browse from.

One of my favorite stores at the mall is called Windsor, which carries many different styles and pieces. They have an endless mix of clothes for parties, nights out, and even professional settings. Stop by and possibly find a new outfit to wear to your next business casual event!

Local Tallahassee Markets

Starting up in March, downtown Tallahassee will re-open its weekly Saturday market in Ponce De Leon Park. Like Market Wednesday on campus, this market carries independent vendors from around the area with unique items and utilities. In addition to what you might find at Market Wednesday, this market also has vendors with fresh fruit and food items to purchase. The last time I went to this market, one of the vendors was selling homemade dipping sauces and provided free samples, so come for a snack and perhaps leave with a food item you can’t find at the grocery store!

watch a movie at the Student Life Cinema

The FSU Student Life Center plays free movies for students in its cinema at select times during the week. Specifically, the cinema specializes in independent, foreign, and classic films, so you can be introduced to a movie you may have never seen otherwise. A couple of months ago, I watched the movie My Neighbor Totoro here, which I found to be super adorable. The cinema shares upcoming movies and showtimes on their Instagram, so coordinate with your friends and enjoy a free night out at the show!

Even without the backbone of football season to get you through a weekend, there are still plenty of fun ways to spend a Saturday. The options are seemingly endless, from checking out different FSU sports teams to a shopping trip at Governor’s Square Mall. By getting more connected with FSU and Tallahassee, you may even stumble across your new favorite place!

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Holly is currently a Media/Communication Studies major at Florida State University, planning to minor in English. She enjoys making Spotify playlists, hanging out with friends, and writing!