Campus Cutie: Billy McCormac

Name: Billy McCormac

Age: 21

Major: Double majoring in Finance and Professional Sales

Relationship Status: In a relationship

HC: What has been the best part of being a student at Florida State thus far?

McCormac: Joining my fraternity, Sigma Nu.  I made lots of friends and got to go to some of the best parties and tailgates on the planet.


HC: What kind of extracurricular activities do you like to do in your free time?

McCormac: I like to camp, swim in my pool and go to the Palace with my friends.  I also like planning parties at my new house.


HC: What’s a surprising fact about you that few people know?

McCormac: I’m actually a pretty decent cook.  I make steak, homemade buffalo wings, leg of lamb and bruschetta.  I just made the best buffalo chicken sandwich today.  


HC: What’s your idea of the perfect date?

McCormac: A red wine and steak night watching Braveheart.


HC: What do you want for Christmas?

McCormac: I want a safe for all my guns, clothes, Ray-Bans, clothes and a football!


HC: Tell us a funny joke!

McCormac: What happens when a duck flies upside down?

HC: What?!

McCormac: It quacks up!

HC: Ha ha ha! Where do you hope to be in life after you graduate? What about five years from now? Ten years?

McCormac: When I graduate, I want to get a job with a Fortune 500 company.  In five years, I hope to be CEO and partial owner of said Fortune 500 company. In ten years, I will retire and move to the Cayman Islands with my wife and kids. 


HC: Who would you say is your biggest man crush?

McCormac: Um…..def James Franco.


HC: What qualities do you find attractive in a girl?

McCormac: A cute face, long hair and pretty eyes.  Personality wise, I like girls that are fun to be around, funny and like to  listen to music.


HC: Who is the biggest influence in your life?

McCormac: My mom.


HC: Favorite TV show?

McCormac: Definitely Game of Thrones!