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With summer approaching and temperatures increasing, students deserve the perfect spot to cool down and eat their scoops of ice cream. So, here’s how I would rank the FSU fountains based on their convenience, vibe and features! 

Legacy fountain

Located at the heart of campus, this fountain sparkles with its splashing feature and bronze monuments. It is the perfect place for students to relax, roam and recharge after a long day of classes. Its proximity to the center of Landis Green makes it stand out compared to the other fountains. After a few hours of sunbathing and laying down on the grass surrounding it, jumping in would be a top-tier feeling. You can even go in it at night when all its lights are shining simultaneously along with the stars. The Legacy Fountain is also ideal for the freshman living on campus since they do not have access to an apartment complex with a pool or tanning area. 

Westcott Fountain

As it holds its status in being the infamous and most iconic fountain at FSU, you must go into Westcott at least once before you graduate. You will not only be thrown into it by your friends when you turn 21 years old, as it is a long-lasting FSU tradition, but you can explore it before that, too. Despite all the superstitions of jumping in before being 21, you can still enjoy the sparkling blue fountain with its beautiful landscape of the Ruby Diamond Auditorium stretched out behind it. However, be careful with climbing on top, as it is prohibited, and we have probably seen all the videos of some 21-year-olds being filmed as they almost fall to their deaths. 

Heritage tower fountain

Only a few people notice the beautiful architecture of this fountain located right in front of the Doak Campbell Stadium. However, its design of the water running down throughout the top of the tower into a pool at the base gives this one a few extra points on the list. In addition to its spacious feature, you can enjoy standing under the fast splashing water. Just close your eyes and pretend you are under a beautiful, mystical waterfall in Florida instead of the campus fountain. Dunking your head or splashing your body with the cool water would be convenient post-football games since we know how hot football games can get during the fall season. 

Keen building fountain

A lot of people need to be made aware of the existence of this fountain that is in front of the Keen Building, Department of Physics. If you are on the opposite side of campus and closer to the Student Union, this is a perfect area and fountain to explore. It looks like a mini Walmart version of the Westcott Fountain, with the water flowing through the top bowl compartment. Even though it does not have a comfortable rim to sit around, you can put your feet in it, as it is pretty shallow. 

Everywhere you look at Florida State, there are fountains and statues depicting the campus’ history. All these fountains are chlorinated and registered swimming pools, so feel free to dip at your favorite one. If not, you can even always run through the sprinklers all over campus at night for fun! 

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I am a junior at Florida State University double majoring in Media Communications Studies & Editing, Writing, and Media.