Bye Summer, Hello Fall! Organize Your Closet for This Season

It’s the time of year again to wear sweaters! Fall is personally my favorite season because of the fashion. I made time last week to put away my summer clothes and take out my fall wardrobe, and doing that made me so excited! Here are some steps to make your closet ready for fall!

Put Away Your Summer Clothes

First, take out everything in your closet so you can have a fresh start! Deep clean the inside of your closet to get rid of any dust. You’ll be surprised at the hidden clothes still there that you haven’t seen in ages. Take out your tank tops, shorts, swimsuits, flip flops, etc. and place them in a plastic bin or trunk to store somewhere in your room. Sort through clothes that you wouldn’t wear anymore and figure out if you want to sell them or donate them. This will make more space for any new clothes you want to buy. 

Take Out Those Sweaters

Decide what clothes will be staying for this season. If you come across clothes you’re not going to wear this year, there’s a good chance you won’t wear them again next year. Throw them out and focus on buying outfits that you’ll be happy to wear! Must-have clothes include cardigans, coats, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, leggings, pants and sweatpants. Essential accessories include beanies, boots, fluffy socks, gloves, hats, scarves and tights. Remember to get out your Halloween costume and cute Thanksgiving outfit or leave room for when you buy it. It’s still fun to dress up even if you’re staying at home this year! Depending on where you live, start taking out some winter clothes in case the temperature dramatically drops.

3 sweaters on white chair Photo by rocknwool from Unsplash


Find out what organization method works best for you. I prefer to color code my closet, but others find it better to sort their clothes by length, categories, styles, etc. Throw out any old hangers and replace them with new ones. Install a wall shelf if you don’t already have one. This can save so much space by using it to stack your sweaters or to place your handbags. If you have a lot of shoes, get a shoe rack or a hanging shoe organizer. Buy a cute basket to put your throw blankets in; you’ll need them for those cozy nights at home! If you find yourself running out of space in your closet, invest in a clothing rack to keep some clothes in your room. This can add a touch of style to your room, especially if you keep your favorite pieces on display.

Find Inspiration and Start Shopping

Figure out your budget and how much you’re willing to spend to update your wardrobe. If you want to save money, go to thrift stores or online secondhand shops like Depop, Poshmark and thredUP to name a few. Pinterest is my go-to website for outfit inspiration and to find out what’s trending. If you have a celebrity’s style you love, try to copy their look or use them for inspiration when creating your own.

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