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Justin Bieber opens his fourth docu-style feature with a wholesome iPhone vlog of him waking up beside his wife, Hailey Bieber, as they prepare for their morning stroll, setting an intimate tone for the Amazon Prime exclusive release.

The documentary employs a cross-cutting editing approach, alternating between his musical performances and the behind-the-scenes moments that led up to his 2021 New Year's Eve live in collaboration with T-Mobile. The concert would be Bieber’s first full live performance since the conclusion of his Purpose Tour three years prior, prompting his team to document the experience.

The performance took place on the roof of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where 240 attendees were granted VIP suites to view the show socially distanced from their balconies. Hailey Bieber can be seen in the audience with one of her friends, as well as Billie Eilish and her entourage, who proudly flashes an "I <3 JB" poster during the stages. 

The behind-the-scenes intermissions are accompanied by a 30-day countdown to the live concert event.  The audience is taken through the planning process, from idea conception and set design to the challenges the team faced, such as the head choreographer and Bieber's close friend of 12 years, Nick Demoura, contracting COVID-19 and the dangerous weather that threatened delay with stage building. On a lighter note, members of Bieber's crew are occasionally introduced to the audience when they are interviewed about their relationship with him. Some have only recently met him, while others have known him for 11 years, like his security guard. They describe and consider Bieber a "passionate leader," “extremely loyal” and "the songbird of our generation." Strangely enough, Bieber also shares a story about seeing a house on fire and getting out of his car to sing, which then suddenly causing the blazing flames to subside.

Compared to other concerts, Bieber has traded out his purple Supras and white jeans for a more comfortable style, including a Nike hoodie, backwards baseball cap and khaki cargo pants. The setlist itself left no stone unturned in Bieber's 12-year discography. It includes 17 total performances ranging from his 2010 debut studio album My World to his most recent 2021 release Justice, including “Baby,” “Anyone,” “Boyfriend,” “Intentions” and “What Do You Mean,” just to name a few. On stage, they create an elaborate laser light show complete with strobes and hazes, in addition to a purple drone display that produces a halo and a giant cross, which then dissolves into the letters "JB" as he closes out his song "Halo" featuring Chance the Rapper.

We also get an intimate glimpse at Justin and Hailey's relationship, with Justin revealing that he wants to "squish out a nugget" or begin trying for a kid by the end of 2021. Throughout the documentary, we learn that Bieber has become more family-oriented, as seen when spending time with his younger siblings on a playground, and that being surrounded by family has helped his mental health tremendously.

By the end of the film, Bieber is seen celebrating New Year's with his whole team, evidenced by his shaky iPhone vlog. Overall, The New York Times concludes that “the doc encapsulates the shared exhilaration of watching Bieber perform during this socially distanced concert spectacle.” Although not as personal and up-close as his other documentaries, Never Say Never and BelieveJustin Bieber: Our World offers a different perspective and allows the audience to see a more mature version of the "Baby" singer. 

Watch the film for yourself on Amazon with a Prime Membership here.

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Nyala Thomas earned her B.S. in Media/Communication Studies with a Film Studies minor and continues at FSU's College of Motion Picture Arts Master of Fine Arts Program. 90% of her time is spent creating, whether that be through making YouTube videos and short films, or writing up scripts!
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