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Breaking: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are Expecting Their First Child Together

On Tuesday, April 28, TMZ reported that model Gigi Hadid is expecting her first child with R&B singer Zayn Malik. While neither Zayn nor Gigi have publicly addressed the subject thus far, TMZ apparently got tipped off by a “family source” about their expectancy. The source claimed that Gigi is about 20 weeks along in her pregnancy, putting her potential due date around late August.

Zayn and Gigi have had an off-and-on relationship since Nov. 2015. Gigi has supported Zayn since the beginning of his solo career, considering he split from One Direction back in March of 2015. After all, she starred in his first solo music video for single “PILLOWTALK,” which was released back in Jan. 2016.

Their most recent re-linking dates to Nov. 2019, when Gigi said in an interview that she has always had a “soft spot” for the singer, but nothing was confirmed by the couple until Valentine’s Day this year. Gigi, who just celebrated her 25th birthday a few days ago with Zayn and her “quarantine family,” officially confirmed they were once again together through a Valentine’s Instagram post on her second account back in February. They have remained relatively private since they last got back together, but Gigi did take to Twitter last month to defend Zayn from YouTuber Jake Paul in a roast that went viral on the platform.

Considering she did just celebrate a birthday with family and friends, it does seem possible that a family source could have the inside scoop. In fact, some are speculating that her birthday celebration also served as a gender reveal party. If you look closely at her birthday posts, her “two” balloon has a blue string and her “five” balloon has a pink string. This double celebration would make sense, as TMZ reported Wednesday morning, April 29, that they are expecting a girl.

Before the confirmation from Yolanda Foster, Gigi’s mother, social media had already blown up with the news. Keywords “Zayn and Gigi,” “Zayn is going to be a dad” and “Gigi Hadid pregnant” trended on Twitter for hours on Tuesday. Fan reactions varied, with most seeming shocked and excited. Many pointed out how beautiful the child might be considering its parent’s strong genes.

Of course, One Direction fans were sent into a frenzy as Zayn is the third former member of the band to be having a child since the band’s indefinite hiatus began in 2015. This caused “Niall and Harry” to also trend on Twitter on Tuesday, as Niall Horan and Harry Styles are the two remaining members who have not yet had a child. Louis Tomlinson had son Freddie back in Jan. 2016 and Liam Payne had his son Bear in March 2017 with Cheryl Cole.

A lot of fans also joked about the “power” the baby is being born into. With Gigi’s relative line-up including Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid, who is currently dating pop singer Dua Lipa, and with Zayn being linked to Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall, the baby will have a long list of famous aunts and uncles.

While Gigi and Zayn remain tight-lipped for now, fans will continue to enjoy letting their imagination run wild with jokes, celebrations and speculations surrounding the couple’s expectancy. We at Her Campus wish Gigi and Zayn all the best!

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