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three women with queen v products
three women with queen v products
Queen V

This Brand is Changing the Feminine Hygiene Game, and Looking Cute Doing It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

This article is NOT sponsored. All opinions are the author’s.

Ladiesssss! Let’s talk about vaginas. Did that make you uncomfortable? It’s okay if it did. The v-word isn’t something we throw around in normal conversation. But here at Her Campus most of us have one of these babies, and it’s important to get rid of the stigma surrounding female pleasure and reproductive health!

That’s exactly the message behind one of my favorite brands, Queen V! Founded by 26-year-old Lauren Steinberg, Queen V is a company that creates feminine hygiene products and is one of the very few women’s hygiene brands that is actually created by women, led by women and female-focused.

Their line consists of three beautifully simple and color-coded categories. (Yay for stylish organization!) Blue is for customers that want to “Maintain” their V. Pink is for those who want to “Enjoy” it and last, but not least, green is for when you need to “Heal” your vagina. There, I said it. Not so hard, huh?

girl in bathtub
Queen V

Before diving in, let’s remind ourselves what makes a healthy vagina. As you probably learned in science class, water has a pH of about seven on a scale from zero to 14. Substances with pH readings below seven are considered acidic while substances above seven are basic. A healthy vagina has an acidic pH of around 3.8 to 4.5. Congrats, whoever called you basic is wrong! Meanwhile, many soaps and cleansers on the market and in your bathroom have pHs of around nine to ten. Yikes. That means some of the products you’re using can possibly throw your pH out of balance, which can cause you discomfort, itching, etc.

three bottles of queen v
Queen V

Queen V products have a pH of about 4.5 to 5 meaning they’re much less likely to negatively affect you and are actually there to get the job done, aka, keep your vagina healthy! Here are some of my personal favs as well as a few I’m dying to try!

queen v products on vanity
Queen V

If you just want to maintain the general area down there and keep it clean and healthy, the blue is your go-to. The “Swipe Right Wipes” are perfect for a quick refresher after a workout, a long day or before-and-after intimacy. I love the funny “swipe right” reference but as always, remember to wipe front to back to prevent any infections! Another great maintaining product is the blue bottle called “DD Probiotic.” According to Queen V, this probiotic “may promote a healthy Queen V by balancing yeast and bacteria while also supporting your digestive, immune, and antioxidant health.” A lot of us girls are very prone to yeast infections, so taking a probiotic can be super helpful!

queen v lube
Queen V

The pink “Enjoy” category carries this lube aptly named “P.S. I lube you.” Don’t worry, the actual lube is clear. Also, a side note, you should never feel uncomfortable about asking to use lube with a partner, and if that person doesn’t respect your needs, they don’t deserve you or your cute Queen V products. Seriously!

queen v products with leafy background
Queen V

Here we have items from each of the three categories. Utmi is another probiotic from Queen V that helps with UTI prevention. The “Spritzer” is a fun pH-balanced refresher that contains rosewater! Meanwhile, the “Pop the Bubbly” bubble bath looks absolutely to die for, and I am definitely going to order it right now.

The cute names of the products are not what makes me want them, but I must admit they do make me super happy! Also, the packaging is adorable which helps a ton. Imagine opening your drawer to a burst of bright colors. Yes pls. However, what really draws me to this brand is its quality. I can personally say that all the products I have used from Queen V have impressed me and treated me well when I had an issue, pampered me when I needed it and kept me feeling clean and healthy!

I highly recommend trying them out. Their products are affordable and can be found at your local Walmart and sometimes Target! If you want to read up on their brand or purchase online their website can be found here. Or follow their Instagram for funny memes and updates about products!

As always, talk to your gynecologist if you are unsure about anything or need special attention.

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