Body Image Gets a Boost with the Pos Bod Image Campaign

We all know that when it comes to our bodies, insecurity can grab hold of us, especially in college. College campuses are riddled with negative self-talk, stereotypes, the pressure to fit in and be accepted and of course, negative body image. From the pressures of the way we dress and how fit we are, to how much and how often we drink, body image is in the forefront of most college students’ minds every day.

But what can we do to combat this? It surrounds us daily and creeps in whenever we are getting ready to go out or even just go to class. Well don’t you worry Collegiettes! There’s a new sheriff in town, and they’re determined to spread body positivity all across FSU’s campus.

A new campaign, created in the early Fall 2016 semester called the Pos Bod Image Campaign, has taken the campus by storm in hopes to provide support and encourage a healthy body image on campus.

Courtesy: Pos Bod Image Campaign    


Run by students for students, this campaign knows exactly how you’re feeling because its creators are going through the same thing. They know the struggles college students face when it comes to body image, and they’re here to help!

Encouraging body positivity through social media channels, the Pos Bod Image Campaign has a number of things for you to take part in just by tapping our smart phone’s screen.

Their signature hashtag campaign is known as the #DearEveryBODY challenge. This features a bi-weekly posting of a body testimonial from a different FSU student on campus. These body testimonials highlight the issues we all face as college students but with a new and refreshing twist. Students who participate in the #DearEveryBODY challenge get to not only express their personal body image concerns, but they also get to share how they overcame them. Bringing the FSU community together to celebrate each other’s differences is the main goal here, and who doesn’t want to be a part of that?


Courtesy: Pos Bod Image Campaign  


Another hashtag campaign to take part in is the Pos Bod Image Campaign’s #SelfieLoveSunday challenge. We all know we love to take selfies, especially when the lighting is perfect. Why not showcase what you love about yourself the most by posting that bomb selfie for everyone to enjoy? Whether it’s your award winning smile or your cancer fighting battle scars, the Pos Bod Image Campaign wants you to share how amazing you truly are!

Along with daily encouraging Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, the Pos Bod Image Campaign also highlights issues that directly affect FSU students. They stay relevant with what is happening on campus because they always have you and spreading positivity in mind.

To follow the Pos Bod Image Campaign on all social media accounts and soak up all the body positive energy you can, please click any of the links below!


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Because we have all struggled with maintaining a healthy and positive mindset at some point, join the Pos Bod Image Campaign in spreading body positivity and support all across FSU’s campus. Who knows, the next person’s mindset they change could be yours!