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The Blessed Benefits of Listening To Gospel Music

Whenever I would find myself in tough or confusing situations, gospel music has come through for me. Similar to the many ways that it has been a blessing for me, I have no doubt that its advantages are able to bless others just as much! For those who don’t know what Gospel music really is, this genre is also known as Christian music and usually incorporates biblical lyrics. While its widely-known purpose is to encourage people through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is so much more that we can get out of it. Here are a few benefits of listening to Gospel music.

1. Gospel music gives positivity boosts.

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What type of music do you listen to when you feel downcast? A lot of times this might be sappy music or R&B love songs, which is usually one of my personal go-to’s. However, what I’ve realized is that listening to sad songs in these genres only makes a person feel worse than they already do! Fortunately, the opposite applies whenever you turn on some Gospel music; this genre of music is filled with encouraging and motivational words that will flip your mood around, providing you with the positivity boost you’ve probably been needing. One of my favorites is “Intentional” by Travis Greene, which lets us know that we don’t have to worry when we can instead ensure ourselves that God is working everything out for our own good at all times.

2. Gospel music feeds the soul.

A lot of people associate Gospel music with the church setting and assume that it can only be listened to when attending a church service on a typical Sunday morning. Sunday mornings are when people usually go to church to feed their souls, and many feel like they must wait a whole week before going back to fill it up again. BUT… thank God for technology! What we should never lose sight of is the fact that we can listen to Christian music at any time of day during the week if we ever want to nourish our souls with uplifting songs. Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and even YouTube are all full of a variety of Gospel songs that are available for people to worship, praise or even just listen to whenever they need a fresh dose of the Gospel.

3. Gospel music can get you hype!

Just because they aren’t necessarily the number one hits that everyone is singing along to most of the time doesn’t mean that Gospel music can’t be hype too! The upbeat drums in the background and strong vocals singing in a fast-paced manner are more than enough to get you dancing all around. One of my favorite hype Gospel songs is “Chasing After You” by Vashawn Mitchell, which will probably have you literally running around with excitement every time you listen to it!

4. Gospel music furthers a connection with God.

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The words that are found in Gospel music are known to resonate with many of the people who listen to it because of how touching they can be on a spiritual level. Speaking of the spiritual level that this genre of music is able to transcend its listeners to, it also becomes a way that many people connect with God whenever they feel the need. For those who try to seek the Lord, listening to Gospel music is a great way to go about doing this. A couple of songs I always find myself listening to when I want to have this connection is “More” by Lawrence Flowers & Intercession and “More Than Anything” by Anita Wilson.

All of this is to say that if you ever need a positivity boost, have the desire to feed your soul, want to get hype or thirst for a connection with God, then listening to Gospel music can certainly help! Some of my all-time favorite Gospel artists that I would suggest listening to are Fred Hammond, Tasha Cobbs, Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin and Jekalyn Carr. I guarantee their songs will fill the hearts of anyone who listens to them with nothing but blessings. Also, here is an Apple Music playlist of the specific songs I mentioned and a few more songs by my favorite artists; enjoy!

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?? Tarah Jean is a second-year student at Florida State University majoring in Editing, Writing and Media. Tarah also loves journaling and going to church!
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