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Black and Green: Spring’s Toughest Pair

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Winter is still lingering in Tallahassee at spring’s arrival, with cold mornings and nights sandwiching a hot day. The weird weather has left Tally in a strange fashion limbo; too cold for shorts, too hot for heavy jackets. People are stuck between trading their dark winter clothes for bright spring wear. This flux has come together in a combination of typical winter wear and a darker take on spring lights: black and green.

Normally, all black is totally common during winter. It’s dark, it’s dreary. Black is the go-to. In spring, mint green runs the scene. But in this peculiar fashion purgatory, the two have come together to make peace. Black takes on its usual sleekness and green has been toned down to hunter shades and military style.

Here are some FSU examples of black and green in action:

And here are some other ways to wear black or green and even combine the two, whether you’re going out or walking to class!

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