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Billie Eilish: Underground Artist to Five-Time Grammy Winner

When it comes to music, there are so many different types: pop, alternative, the list goes on. Usually, artists will stick to one of these genres and center their career around it, but Billie Eilish crosses those boundaries.

Billie Eilish is an amazing new artist who takes her personal struggles and turns them into beautiful musical pieces. Her voice, which is often credited for being quite angelic, is paired with beats that are a mix of all genre types. She writes, produces and records all of her music in her childhood bedroom with her brother Finneas, whom she credits being “the only reason [she’s] anywhere… he’s probably the only reason why [she is] alive.” Billie and Finneas started to produce music at thirteen and seventeen years old, respectively. Her fame began with her song “Ocean Eyes,” which she produced at the age of fourteen, and though it didn’t gain much attention in the general popular music world, it flourished in the underground market. From there, she released her first EP a year later, titled “don’t smile at me” which gained her more popularity among listeners, but she still wasn’t anywhere near what is considered “famous.” It wasn’t until two years later, in 2019, that she rose to fame with the release of her first album titled “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” With this album, Eilish took the world by storm with her eclectic sound. For the next year, people all over the globe were learning about her music and she jumped from being a small Spotify artist to being “the first female artist with fourteen simultaneous chart entries.”

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Courtesy: Pitchfork

Eilish now has an extreme amount of fame with her new album, a world tour and multiple distinguished awards. This past weekend at her first Grammy’s, Eilish won five simultaneous awards: “Best New Artist,” “Song of the Year,” “Album of the Year,” “Record of the Year” and “Best Pop Vocal Album.” These awards are tremendously representative of her success and completely well deserved. In her acceptance speech, her brother Finneas stated that “[they] didn’t write a speech because [they] didn’t make this album to win a Grammy… [they] didn’t think it would win anything ever. [They] wrote an album about depression and suicidal thoughts and climate change, and being the bad guy… [they] stand [on stage] confused and grateful.”

Eilish has discussed her mental struggles and credits her brother Finneas for being the person who has kept her on this earth. “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” is not only an album, but it is a story that follows Eilish through some of her most trying times. Her album has resonated with so many people because it covers topics that aren’t often discussed in music, however, they are some of the most relatable topics. Billie Eilish is an incredible artist and person who has already experienced tremendous success at the young age of seventeen. She is inspirational and many agree that she is 100% deserving of everything she accomplishes and are excited to see her career develop and thrive in the music industry.

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