The Biggest Questions for Graduating Seniors

Courtesy: Rebecca Cunningham

Well Collegiettes, fall semester is coming to a close. And with the end of this semester comes the end of many students’ college careers. Fall graduation, although not as large as spring, is filled with the high school overachievers who are graduating early because of the college credits they came in with, and the college students who needed more time to pick a major and stuck around for an extra semester. To the soon-to-be graduates, whether you stuck around campus longer or not long enough, I have some questions for you:

Will You Miss Us?

And I don’t mean, “Will you miss me personally,” because I only know maybe four or five people graduating, but will you miss FSU? Will you miss your Seminole family and our contagious school spirit? Will you miss our gorgeous campus and the friendly faces like Ms. Killings? These are all things that make me not want to graduate in the spring. I know I’ll miss not getting to walk past Wescott or getting to play with other people’s dogs on Landis Green. I’ll miss being surrounded by fellow Seminoles.

Or Are You Ready to Get Out of Here?

Maybe (unlike me), you’re over college! Maybe you’re done with this experience and you’re ready for a new one. You might be ready to venture out into the great unknown that is “The Real World.” Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who already has their life plan figured out, with a job lined up and a stable career in your future. If that’s the case, teach me yo’ ways.

Do You Feel Like An Adult Yet?

I’m curious: when does it finally hit you that you’re not a child anymore? Because to be honest, I have to remind myself sometimes that I’m no longer 17. Does the impending graduation date cause a new feeling to just overcome you, and now you know you’re an adult? Or are you still waiting for it to hit you? My mom told me adulthood hit her when she got dressed for her first “pantyhose and dress job” so beware soon-to-be graduates - if you don’t feel like you’re a grown-up yet, the time may be near.

Are You Scared?

Because I am. And I’m not just scared for myself, I’m scared for you all too. The world is a crazy place, especially right now. The worldwide conflicts and the brutality occurring in our own country make it difficult to remember that there’s still so much good in the world. Depending on what your post-graduation plans are, some of you may come in close contact with these situations. Not knowing what the future holds is a pointless thing to worry about, but I can’t help it. So does the life you’re about to enter freak you out at all?

Or Does Adventure Await You?

We all obviously can’t live under rocks our whole lives and if that is what you had planned post-graduation, do your parents know? Because they probably won’t be too happy that you just wasted four years of your life on a degree. As scary as the real world is, there are things to be seen, climbed, photographed and accomplished! Here at FSU, we are taught how great we can be and we're encouraged to go out and pursue great things.

Vires, Artes, Mores (strength, skill and character) are the values inscribed in our school’s seal and I'm confident that everyone who graduates from this empowering university leaves stronger, with newfound skills and with impressive character. No matter what your futures hold, graduates, I hope you never forget where you came from. You'll always be a member of Nole nation!