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The Best Crime Netflix Shows to Watch this October

Do you have a thing for crime scene TV shows? Are you that person interested in murder and mystery cases and wants to know whodunnit? Well, me too! The month of October is a great time to watch a good mystery case on Netflix and I have just the guide.

Pop some popcorn, bake some Pillsbury Halloween cookies, and be prepared to solve a case! These are just some of the best crime TV and Netflix documentaries you should watch this month.

Seven Seconds

Courtesy: Seven Seconds

In Jersey City, a 15-year-old black cyclist named Brenton Butler dies in a hit-and-run accident by a white police officer behind the wheel of the vehicle. The city explodes with racial tension and Brenton Butler’s parents are demanding justice. This crime drama explicitly shows the aftermath of the accident, which includes an attempted cover-up by the police department. Tension escalates and you’ll be wanting to finish the season the same day.

Blood Line

Courtesy: IMDb

This show, set in the Florida Keys, will have you really asking how far you would go to protect your family. This dramatic thriller uncovers the secrets lurking beneath the surface of an American family, the Rayburns. Paranoia and suspicion build up as lies keep stacking up, family alliances are shattered, and an unthinkable murder takes place. The family’s formerly unbreakable relationship deteriorates and siblings are forced to consider doing unthinkable things.

The Killing

Courtesy: AMC

A murder takes place and the story unfolds through the eyes of Sarah Linden, a dedicated detective with the Seattle Police Department and her partner Detective Stephen Holder, formerly of the narcotics division. With two different backgrounds and distinct investigative styles, both manage to pull together in the name of justice and solving cases, even after a life-changing decision Linden makes that changes both of their lives. All four seasons are worth watching with each season focusing on a different crime.

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

From the creators of American Horror Story, the FX true crime anthology television series, American Crime Story, shows the case of O.J. Simpson for their first season. After the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are discovered, police target former NFL superstar O.J. as a suspect. The show illustrates the nerve-racking trial and the difficulties the prosecutors face as they take the case, and the boundaries and ridicule they’re faced with.

The Keepers

Courtesy: Time

Netflix’s documentary confronts the unsolved murder of Cathy Cesnik, a Catholic high school teacher and an adored nun in Baltimore. After disappearing on November 7, 1969, Cesnik’s body was found two months later. Till this day, the killer remains unnamed and the case is unsolved. During the ’90s, the case resurfaced after one of Cesnik’s former students accused the high school’s chaplain of sexual abuse and claims that she was taken to Cesnik’s then undiscovered corpse. Pieces are put together through conversations with friends, families, journalists and government officials hoping to uncover the truth in discovering who Censnik’s killer is.
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