Benefits of Using Essential Oils This Finals Season

As finals approach, the stress and exhaustion become real. During this time, prioritizing self-care is so important to push through to the end of the semester. Essential oils provide an instant mood boost and can be utilized in a multitude of ways. You can use an oil diffuser to allow the lovely aromas to surround you while you study for your upcoming bio test or doze off the night before a big speech. In the mood for a relaxing bath? Add a couple drops to the steamy water for an enhanced spa experience.

After you choose the method you wish to use, the next step is to choose a scent. From floral to citrus to mint, there’s an essential oil to satisfy whatever feeling you desire.


This oil is extracted from the lavender plant and is perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. The calming aroma treats any headaches or tension you might suffer due to all the stress and studying. It also induces sleep, allowing you to get the beauty rest you deserve. Other benefits include overall pain relief, along with healthy skin and hair.
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My personal favorite oil, peppermint, gets me in the holiday spirit, reminding me of all my favorite winter treats candy canes, peppermint bark and the seasonal peppermint chocolate chip milkshake from Chick-fil-a. Along with its ability to take my senses on a sweet-filled journey, the peppermint aroma gets you up and moving. Benefits range from increasing alertness and energy, relieving muscle and joint pain and clearing your sinuses.



Been feeling down in the dumps lately? Whether your physical or mental health has been suffering, the orange essential oil is the way to go. The citrusy oil aids your body’s immune system and includes an antibacterial component, which prevents infections from attacking. When it comes to your mental state, orange essential oils provide a calming effect and reduce feelings of depression. As an added bonus, this oil works great for having clear, smooth skin.

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For an instant pick me up, the lemon essential oil is a perfect choice. The lemon aroma is known for boosting your mood and giving you the energy to keep moving. This oil can be mixed with lavender to create another mood booster. If the winter weather is drying out your skin, this oil will provide it the nourishment it needs.


Tea Tree

Last but not least, we have tea tree oil. This oil is all about maintaining healthy hair and skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties provide the perfect remedy for dry or itchy skin, redness and swelling, and acne. If you’re suffering from flaky hair due to dandruff, just a little bit of tea tree oil should do the trick by removing dead skin and chemicals from your scalp. 

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Ready to grab your own essential oils? Sets of oils and aesthetically pleasing diffusers are sold in tons of department stores and beauty stores, along with Amazon, at affordable prices.