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Bella Bots: Hadid’s 2022 Fashion Trends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Celebrities and influencers have always played a part in what’s popular in the fashion world. But I don’t think anyone has been a more influential trendsetter to fashion this year than Bella Hadid. She has even grown a following of fans called, Bella Bots, who love her fashion sense and her effortless outfits. From her street style and some of her paparazzi photos, Bella has played a significant role in successfully creating several fashion trends this year.

If there is one fashion item I think of when I think of Bella Hadid, it’s Sambas. The Adidas Samba style has been around since the 1950s and was originally created to help football players to play on icy, hard surfaces. But the shoe style became popular again in the past few years, and Bella Hadid has been sporting the trainers several times and they have been a part of her wardrobe for a while now. These sneakers have become a fan favorite with many of the Bella Bots as they have jumped on the Sambas train. What makes people associate the Adidas shoe with the supermodel, is that many people didn’t hear much about Sambas until Bella started wearing them, myself included.

One of the big clothing pieces Bella sported well before it became mainstream is parachute pants. Bella is an avid wearer of oversized, low-waisted pants and she has been dressed in several variations of the fashion trend for months. Last summer parachute pants became a huge hit. Every store was selling them from I.AM.GIA to Urban Outfitters, and most notably Motel Rocks. Parachute pants are one of the biggest fashion trends in the last few months.

I’m not one to use the word “iconic” lightly, so when I say this paparazzi photo is iconic, it truly is. The photo in question is a casual shot of the supermodel roaming the streets of New York City while chowing down on a slice of pizza. In the photo, Bella sports accessories like her sunglasses and statement leather jacket that elevate her model-off-duty look. But what really stood out in the photo was Bella wearing boxer briefs as shorts. Several people recreated this look by dressing in different styles of men’s underwear and wearing them as shorts and pants. Kylie Jenner even had her own rendition of this trend by wearing designer underwear to Paris Fashion Week at the Loewe fashion show. This trend may seem questionable, but if anyone can make tighty whities look cool, it’s definitely Bella Hadid.

Now when I say I was extremely unprepared for this next clothing item to start trending, I mean it was more shocking than boxer brief shorts. And that clothing item is none other than UGGs, a trend I thought we left in the 2010s. But in that same paparazzi photo of Bella wearing boxer briefs, she pairs the look with mini platform UGGs. I have to say these boots are making a major comeback, and the new styles are incredibly cute. Lots of people are hopping back on the UGGs trend and finding modern ways to style a 2000s craze. Bella has such an influence on the return of UGGs that she has even made me, a Florida girl, consider buying sheepskin boots. If you ever spot me wearing a pair of mini UGGs in 60-degree weather, mind your business.

The reason I believe that one person has so much influence on fashion trends this year is that Bella is very in tune with her personal style. Bella reminds me of Emma Chamberlain in the way that Emma is another fashion icon who also has a heavy influence on current trends. Especially during 2018-2019, when she popularized teddy coats and scrunchies. Like Emma, Bella knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like to wear. Bella is responsible for styling all her looks and always puts outfits together that are ahead of trends. I for one can’t wait to see what other fashion fads this supermodel has up her sleeve as we approach colder weather!

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