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Behind the Scenes of Saint John Children Village: How Rosi Moyse Makes a Difference

Over the course of the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to work for a local non-profit organization in Palm Beach County, one that has gained a soft spot in my heart. Saint John Children Village is a non-profit organization based in South Florida, with the mission of helping the children of Haiti in need. This can be by providing funding so that every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education and by making sure that this community is provided with hygiene tools to use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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When I met my manager, Rosi Moyse, I instantly wanted to know what caused her to become involved with this organization, as well as why she works hard to make sure these children grow up to be happy and healthy individuals. Therefore, I decided to ask her some questions about her journey of becoming Saint John Children Village’s manager.

I began by asking Ms. Rosi Moyse what had pushed her to become a part of the Saint John Children Village organization, considering she has been here since the start. She replied enthusiastically about how it was the passion that the people in the organization had in helping people, more specifically children, that made her want to feel that passion as well.

When asked if she feels passionate about those in need, she expressed how she is very much passionate about helping others in general. Rosi details how she believes that “we [are] all here in this big circle of life to help each other better oneself.”

Considering the fact that this is a lively organization that survives on donations and sponsorships from various sources, I was curious about what Rosi’s daily schedule at the office may look like. Rosi explained how she begins her day with scheduling and calling people to find financial help for the organization, which can lead to some meetings. She then ends her day by calling the school in Haiti to ask about the children and see how they are doing.

One question that I was anticipating asking was whether or not Rosi feels as if she has made a difference in someone’s life because of her work through SJCV. To my greatest pleasure, she definitely has. She expressed to me how she feels that she’s definitely made a difference in how there are now, “children getting an education and a daily meal that would have not been possible if it were not for SJCV."

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To finish off our interview, I asked Rosi what her favorite part of this journey has been thus far. Her favorite part of working for this organization has been, as she states, “...seeing laughter in a child’s eyes and a river of gratitudes from parents who could not have been able to send their children to school that are now getting free tuitions, supplies and food from SJCV."

Joining this organization has not only opened my eyes to how amazing it feels to help those in need, but it has also ignited a passion in me to help the children in need, just like it has for my manager, Rosi Moyse.

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