Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap: Who Left the Beach in Love and Who Called it Quits

This season of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise has been one of the most dramatic seasons to date. Between Blake’s love pentagon with multiple women he met at Stagecoach festival, to Demi and Kristian’s bravery to show the world their love, this season has been a rollercoaster. Good news for you, I’ve kept up with every minute of it and here to tell you everything that you missed. 

I’m sure we were all anticipating the finale just to see who ended up making it out in a successful relationship and who’s relationships took a turn for the worst. We all know that Hannah G and Dylan matched instantly from the very beginning, but don’t forget that Hannah was caught up in the middle of Blake’s drama for a second. Good thing Dylan decided to stick around because now they’re engaged! I think we all can agree that any girl would say yes to sweet Dylan. 

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On the other hand, Nicole and Clay have always had a pretty rocky relationship. Nicole was head-over-heels for him since their first date and admitted that she’s been in love with him ever since. Clay; however, has never been able to shake off his previous relationship with Angela and that seemed to mess with Nicole’s head quite a bit. Towards the end of Paradise, Clay and Nicole were working on things and honestly had us all fooled that they would end up happily ever after. Looks like Clay’s commitment issues got the best of him once again. He left Nicole heart-broken after not being able to express feelings of love for her but she knew what she deserved and said, “BYE BOY!” Go, Nicole! 

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Chris and Katie’s relationship was one that always kept my attention. They both explored things with other people towards the beginning but always came back to each other. Katie questioned Chris’ feelings for her and wanted to make sure he was all in. Chris had some trouble with this throughout the season but ended up allowing himself to fully open up to Katie and express his love for her. I was so excited and happy for both of them when Chris got down on one knee and popped the question; I may have shed a few tears. They had struggled so much with their relationship and truly deserved this final moment. Later on in the episode when Chris Harrison meets with the rest of the contestants for the final tell-all and recap of the season, we find out that Katie and Chris’s relationship has been everything but perfect. They showed true bravery and honesty by coming forward about the hardships they struggle with, displaying that no relationship is perfect, even if it is on television. They are still engaged, but I am curious to see where their relationship goes. 

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I know the whole world has probably heard Demi and Kristian’s names by now, but they truly made history. Demi was so brave to announce her fluid sexuality on the show, and Kristian showed her devotion to Demi by immersing herself in the Bachelor by coming onto the show and fighting for Demi’s love. Demi has expressed that being intimate with a woman on television has been scary and nerve-wracking, but that it was all so worth it to gain Kristian’s love. Demi tugged at viewer’s heartstrings when she proposed to Kristian on the beach during the finale, but none of us were expecting Kristian to return the favor on the recap later in the episode. Now they both have shiny Neil Lane diamonds to show off!

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As far as some of our other favorite couples go, Caelynn and Dean seem to be happy living life in his van and traveling the country. Tayshia actually flew to John Paul Jones’s hometown and expressed her regret for letting him leave the beach and they actually ended up in a happy relationship. Blake and Kristina are probably still “just friends.” 

This season of Bachelor in Paradise really had me invested. SPOILER: Now that Peter the Pilot is the next Bachelor, I can’t wait to watch him find love! He really deserves the best. Watch party at my place!