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Baby Animals That Perfectly Describe Life Right Now

In the final stretch of this everlasting spring semester, here are some extremely accurate expressions from the cutest baby animals ever. Whether you are excited or annoyed right now, these baby animals are sure to make your day better. Better yet, after crying at the cuteness below, you should follow some baby animal accounts on Instagram.

When you get that “come through” text from some cutie, so you drop your studying and get ready for happy hour.

Courtesy: Pinterest

When your roomate asks, “Can you come to Publix with me?” 

Courtesy: Pinterest

Hugging a friend because finals week is just too much.

Courtesy: Pinterest

When you getting carried home from the bar by your friend. Stop talking to everyone and let’s move it to McDonald's!

Courtesy: Pinterest

There are only about 14 days left until it's "beach body" season. Is there hope? Diet starts now.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

When you should be writing an essay, but instead, you’re doing random things with friends at weird hours of the day.

Courtesy: Pinterest

When it finally comes time to kill those finals, you are ready. After this test, you can put all your books and pencils away for good!

Courtesy: Playbuzz

When finals are finally over and you put all the stress and anxiety aside to indulge in an ice cream cone... or better yet, the whole tub of ice cream.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Standing at a whopping five feet tall, she's a force to be reckoned with. If you can't find her she is watching reality tv or face first in a burrito.
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