Ashlee Hester: She’s B.A.D.!

Name: Ashlee Hester

Classification: Senior

Major: Political Science & African American Studies

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Courtesy: Ashlee Hester

Her Campus (HC): Ashlee, I know that you’re very involved on campus. What are some of the leadership roles you possess?

Ashlee Hester (AH): I’m a part of Phi Sigma Pi Honor Society, the Membership Chair for an organization called Ladies,  the founder and president of She’s Bad Ministry (SBM), a Resident Assistant and a Community Ambassador for the Big Bend.

HC: What made you want to be a part of all of those organizations?

AH: The mission. All of those organizations focus on helping in the community:  Ladies focuses on high school girls and motivating them to stay in school, Big Bend focuses on helping those who are experiencing homelessness. SBM reaches out to the community and empowers women through community service, sisterhood, and their relationship with Christ. They all focus on building lasting relationships and that really inspires me.

HC: What has being a leader taught you?

AH: It taught me how important it is to give your time by serving the community, but also the rewards you receive by giving.

HC: So you are the Founder of She’s B.A.D. Ministry. Can you tell us a little about that?

AH: “She’s B.A.D.” is an acronym for Blessed Anointed Daughters [of Christ]. We are based off of Luke 1:45, which reads, “blessed is she who has believed that the Lord will fulfill his promises to her.”  Our mission is to empower women of all shades through community service, sisterhood and their relationship through Christ. We have bible studies every Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Globe.

HC: What gave you the initiative to start SBM?

AH: I believed there was a need for it. There was no placed on campus I felt comfortable. I wanted to be with other like-minded women while talking about God. I would ask myself, “where can I grow as a person while being where I wanted to be?” I wanted to grow a sisterly bond. Starting it [SBM] has been such a blessing. Literally after every bible study I get like 20 phone calls from people saying how much fun they had and how they felt welcomed. I think it’s amazing that women of all shades can come together and uplift one another through Christ and are after the same thing: community service, sisterhood and understanding that there are better, wholesome ways of enjoying college that are often not recognized.

Courtesy: Ashlee Hester

HC: Was there pressure on you for starting a ministry?

AH: Originally, I wanted to start the ministry two years ago, but the Executive Board wasn’t going as planned so I gave up. Not starting it became a burden for me. I was thinking about it every day when I woke up and went to sleep. Then when I began to pray about it, the ministry started to grow. We became an RSO within 3 months, E-Board started growing and the membership is increasing every week.

HC: You’ve made SBM an all-inclusive, all-female campus ministry. Were there any doubts about having a single-gender ministry?

AH: I always worried about turnout with only one gender targeted, “what if the girls don’t come? How does that seem if guys want to join it too?” Everyone wants to grow in Christ because being a woman myself, I was already in a co-ed ministry. But just targeting women is powerful.

HC: You are a senior and your time with SBM will come to a close at the end of spring. What are you trying to do after graduation? Do you wish to continue SBM’s legacy?

AH: After graduation, I’ll be going to grad school for public administration and social work at FSU. I plan on using SBM to further my aspirations of starting a nonprofit youth empowerment center located in inner-city neighborhoods and working with girls from elementary to high school.

HC: What advice would you give to other people who are struggling with their faith?

AH: It’s a process.  No one’s ever going to be perfect in their walk with God. As long as you’re striving, God will notice that. But you have to make the first step of trying to read the scripture, trying to talk to Him, and God will notice that effort.

HC: Are there any last information you would like to share?

AH: Stay strong in your faith, in what you believe, in your values and not to accept anything less than you deserve.

Courtesy: Ashlee Hester

If you are interested, this Thursday, October 1 at 6 p.m. SBM will be in room 2500 of Globe Building continuing their relationship series called #GodwhereismyBoaz. Can’t make it? They have bible study every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Feel free to follow them on social media and stop by their table at Market Wednesdays for a sweet treat!