Ariana Grande Stars in Four Rom-Coms in 'thank u, next' Music Video

Sending the internet atwitter is the newest music video to come from Ariana Grande for her hit new song, thank u, next. In the video are references and recreations of classic early-2000s romantic comedies and teen movies including, Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde. In it there are cameos and looks that will bring out the nostalgia, giving a smile to Ariana and movie fans alike.

The video opens on a montage of characters recreating the rumor-filled direct-to-camera from Mean Girls but about Grande. In it are cameos from the likes of Troye Sivan, Colleen Ballinger, and Jonathan Bennet reprising his original role as Aaron Samuels. The video then cuts to a scene of Grande dressed as Regina George crafting a “Burn Book” of her notable ex-boyfriends. In it, she writes of Big Sean “so cute, so sweet, (could still get it),” of Ricky Alvarez “great dancer, good times, friends forever,” and of Pete Davidson “sry I dipped, I love you always.”

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In reference to Mean Girls there are recreations of the scenes like Regina scribbling in the Burn Book on her bed, the girl group walking down the hallway (in pink of course) with Grande’s former Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gilles playing the role of Cady Heron, and the holiday talent show, in which Kris Jenner makes a surprise cameo with a camcorder as Mrs. George. There is then a transition into the Bring It On scenes in which Grande recreates the teeth brushing scene with another former Victorious co-star, Matt Bennett and Grande rolling around on her bed enjoying a mixtape. There is then a dance montage as the two rival cheerleading schools join together to perform at the game to the musical style of thank u, next.

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In a much too short reference to the romantic comedy 13 Going on 30, Grande pays homage to the final scene of the film where Jenna runs downstairs during the wedding, gripping her dollhouse, and shedding a tear. There is close attention to detail in the design of the dollhouse, with each room containing a scale model of each of the rooms from the films with pictures of Grande as dolls. The final film is a recreation of the classic Legally Blonde. Grande steps out of her convertible with chihuahua by her side, stunning the other students in Elle Woods fashion. There are more recreations of the scenes in which Grande is on the elliptical in her dorm room with her recognizable orange laptop and sunbathing while reading law studies textbooks on the quad.

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The strongest reference to Legally Blonde is in, what looks to be quite exact, a replica of the beauty salon. Grande sits speaking to Jennifer Coolidge who reprises her role (and outfit) as Paulette. They speak in original dialogue, although, it is very foreign to the film where the two discuss dating someone with a big tooth. Though cheeky, it feels very jarring to the viewer as it interrupts the pleasant rhythm and, up to that point, a precise homage to the films thus far. Readjusting to the original scene, Grande educates the salon guests, who are dressed just like the original characters in the film, on the art of the iconic “Bend and Snap.”

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The video, being as large of a production as it was, was only five and a half minutes in duration. It doesn’t feel like enough time to fully enjoy the scale of this project for the level of detail that was put into it. There seemed to be an inequity in the distribution of attention to the four films, with Mean Girls and Legally Blonde receiving the most screen time and 13 Going on 30 only having one short scene amidst the rest. Many are hoping for the release of a longer director’s cut that allows for more time and attention to be given to the multi-faceted aspects of the project.

After teasing fans with the video heavily in the days leading up to its release, there were high expectations. The video clearly proved to be a success after landing at the No. 1 trending spot on YouTube. The song is a hit and there won’t be anyone saying “Thank you, Next” to Ariana any time soon.

Watch the video.