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Apple Reveals New iPhone: The iPhone SE

On Wed., April 15, Apple revealed the plans for their new iPhone, This is Apple’s first iPhone release since the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max were released in Sept. of 2019. The new phone, called the iPhone SE, is the long-awaited successor of the original iPhone SE that was released in 2016. Similar to the original SE, the new phone is modeled after a previous version of iPhone—the iPhone 8—but contains the A13 Bionic chip housed in the newest model, the iPhone 11.

In regard to looks, the new iPhone SE is made of aluminum with a glass back and is available in black, white and (PRODUCT)RED. It also has a 4.7-inch Retina HD Display which is much different than the 5.8-inch display of Apple’s last release, the iPhone 11 Pro. In addition to the size of the display, the SE also strays from the latest design in other areas. The Home Button and Touch ID makes a return on the SE, as does widescreen display versus the all-screen display Apple has been using since the release of the iPhone X.

In addition to the hardware and look of the phone, Apple also made a big change when it came to the SE’s camera. The past three generations of iPhone have been very focused on the quality of photos, adding on a second camera to the iPhone 7 Plus and bringing the number of cameras up to three with the release of the iPhone 11 Max’s Ultra-Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras. The new SE, however, reverts back to the single-camera model last seen on the iPhone 7. While a lot of the physical appearance and technical specifications of the single-camera remained the same, Apple also added Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting, as well as upgrading a few details like its flash, photo HDR, and video recording features.

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One of the biggest causes of excitement, however, is the price. The starting price of the SE is a dramatic difference from Apple’s last launch at only $399. This is very similar to the original SE that was also sold at a similar price point. Apple has received a lot of backlash over the years as prices have gone up, and they also received a lot of backlash when the pulled the original SE off the shelves without announcing a successor. Not only was the small size a big factor as to why it was so successful, but the affordability played a huge role as well with Business Insider going as far as to call it “a big mistake.”

Pre-orders for the iPhone SE began on Friday, April 17, with the phone becoming available on Friday, April 24. In addition to choosing from the three available colors, customers also have the option of 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage—a huge upgrade from the original’s first release with 16GB or 64GB choices. Customers who purchase the SE will also receive a free year of Apple’s streaming service Apple TV+ and if they chose to purchase from Apple’s website, they will also receive free no-contact home delivery in addition to the option of trading in their current iPhone. A portion of the proceeds for iPhone SE (PRODUCT)RED will go directly to Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response team in addition to HIV/AIDS grants.

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