And I BOO! Cozy Halloween Movies to Get You in the Fall Spirit

Ladies, it’s the beginning of the holiday season, and you know what that means, FALL EVERYTHING! But living in Florida makes it especially difficult to feel that October vibe without a chill in the air and jewel-toned fall leaves tumbling to the ground. So, what better way to celebrate the spooky season in the heat of Tallahassee than a Halloween movie marathon? Light your sweet pumpkin pie scented candles and sip your PSL as you snuggle up indoors to watch the movies from this must-see list!

1. Interview with the Vampire

Courtesy: Den of Geek

One suggestion that is off the beaten Halloween movie path is Interview with the Vampire. This 1994 film begins with vampire Louie (played by Brad Pitt) telling a modern-day reporter (Christian Slater) the story of how he came to be a vampire. It all starts in 18th century Louisiana when vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise) gives Louie the gift of immortality. As time passes the two drift apart, but Lestat guilts Louie into staying by transforming a little girl (a young Kirsten Dunst) into a monster as well. Fun fact: Brad Pitt was Kirsten Dunst’s first kiss because of this movie! Full of squeal-worthy moments and vampire hotties, this movie is a must-add to your list of autumn flicks.

2. Over the Garden Wall

Courtesy: IMDb

Okay, this isn’t a movie but more of a mini-series that you’ll be able to complete in one night. Each episode lasts around 11 minutes and with only 10 to watch you’ll be finished faster than you can say “potatoes and molasses” (watch the show and you’ll understand the reference!) The show follows brothers Wirt and Greg on a journey through the Unknown. While venturing through the forest, they encounter other-worldly strangers such as pumpkin people and talking birds, all the while being chased by a monster called “The Beast.” If the premise isn’t enough to catch your attention, the aesthetic backdrop of colorful fall leaves and the melodious soundtrack sure will. Elijah Wood, the voice of Wirt, commented that “if this show were a record, it would be played on a phonograph.” You can find OTGW on Hulu or iTunes.

3. Clue

Courtesy: Amazon

We all know Tim Curry as the sultry Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, but you should definitely watch him in the role of Wadsworth, the butler in Clue. Based on the kid’s board game, this comedy/murder mystery finally answers the question we’ve been asking since childhood once and for all. Was it Ms. Scarlet with the lead pipe in the lounge?

4. Hocus Pocus

Courtesy: Johnson Hall

Of course. What Halloween watching party is complete without this classic? Let’s join our favorite spunky and sinister Sanderson sisters yet again on an adventure we have all come to love. Freeform will be featuring this movie at least 30 times over the course of October, so there is no way of missing this fall fan-favorite.

Even in the unfestive October heat of Florida, it is still possible to get in the Halloween spirit! Don your cozy socks and fuzzy sweaters for a night in, enjoying all things fall – from your pumpkin spice everything and cutely carved jack-o’-lanterns to these fantastic fall films.

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