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Amplifying Student Government: SGA Election Results at a Glance

On Wednesday, Feb. 19, the Florida State University Student Government Association (SGA) held its annual Spring Elections. This election was held to appoint 2020-2021’s new Executive Branch Council (President, Vice President and Treasurer) as well as Student Senate, Senior Class Council and Union Board members. The ballot also contained two SGA Constitutional Amendment proposals concerning gender-neutral legislative language as well as several general opinion questions for voters to answer. The online polls were open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, and the unofficial results were announced at the Student Senate meeting at 7:30 p.m.

The Amplify Movement made a clean sweep of this year’s ballot, winning every open seat over the opposing party, the Legacy Party. Both parties formed last January prior to the 2019 SGA election, in which three parties (Amplify, Legacy and Unite) were poised to compete for open positions in the SGA cabinet. Just before last year’s Election Day, the Legacy and Unite parties consolidated into one ticket (temporarily called the “United Legacy” slate), and after the election, they rebranded as simply the Legacy Party. This is the second year that the Amplify Movement has secured the majority of the positions in an SGA election.

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“We are so excited to continue fulfilling our promises to #AmplifyFSU,” said the Amplify Movement in an Instagram post after election results were announced on Wednesday evening. “Thank you for trusting and believing in our mission, our candidates and our vision.” Some key points on their platform for 2020-2021 include affixing cameras to every “blue light” emergency station, improving transportation issues, establishing an Office of Transfer Students and advocating for an increase in funding for first-generation students.

The two constitutional amendments on the ballot had to do with making the written constitution’s language gender-neutral, primarily by replacing every existing and future instance of his, hers and other gendered pronouns with they, them, their and theirs. Both amendments passed with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

Below is the list of the new SGA representatives for the 2020-2021 term.

Note: Results may be incomplete as the HCFSU team only has access to SGA’s unofficial results report at press time.

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Executive Branch

Student Body President: Jonathan Joseph Levin

Student Body Vice President: Nastassia “Tazzy” Janvier

Student Body Treasurer: Christian Hall

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Senior Class Council

President: Alexandra Sexton

Vice President: Alexa Kaufman

Secretary: Bruna Conceição

Treasurer: Samantha Jacobsen

Student Senators

College of Arts & Sciences: James Bateman and Asia Lavender

College of Business: Bruno Rossi

College of Engineering: Devin Hall

College of Social Sciences & Public Policy: Christian Sam and Ashley Gonzalez

Undergraduate Studies: Deía Medly-Neyra, Ahmad Omar Daraldik, Trenton Tookes, Donald Ross III, Elizabeth Chabot, Can Kilinc, Brandan Louis, Alfredo Alejandro Alvarez, Travis Waters, Col Stinson and Emmabella Rudd

Union Board

Isabelle A. Gonzalez, Hailey Berger, Allyson “Sunny” Baros-Kabler, Jacey Hanley, Daniel Harkins, Alex E Cubas, Carlos Rodriguez, Colbi Thykadavil, Mason Nash, Justin White and Judd Williams

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