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Stuck at home most of the time people are trying to find a way to entertain themselves. Ever since the pandemic happened, people have been going out less often and staying in more. Even though people are at home, they found ways to hang out with friends remotely. One way was by playing a game called “Among Us”. Recently, this game has become so popular it is hard to avoid hearing about it. I honestly believe it is like an online version of the game mafia, just faster and more hectic. The premise of the game is that you and your crewmates are trying to complete tasks on your ship. But two or three people are “imposters” and they are sabotaging the ship and killing crewmates. Yikes! To stop these imposters, everyone has to vote on who they think could be the imposter. Whoever is voted off gets thrown into space whether they are guilty or innocent because we can’t take any risks. This game sounded fun and best of all, it’s FREE. I decided to try this game out with my friends. I wanted to see if “Among Us” was all hype or it lived up to its fame. After my first round where I was instantly killed, I thought I wouldn’t be good at this game. But winning wasn’t the part I enjoyed. I loved the controversy and disagreements. While I try to shout who my killer was, everyone was suspecting and voting off the wrong person. Everyone is pointing fingers and questioning others about everything. Trying to play detective and piece together any information, everyone tries to play detective. 

detective board with evidence
Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko from Unsplash
One unspoken rule I figured out pretty quickly, once someone says you are being “sus” you’re done. Everyone votes you off even if they don’t agree. It is so frustrating that once you die because you can’t communicate with your living teammates anymore. You can’t steer them on who the imposter is and you must quietly watch and suffer. Usually, when I play and I don’t want to be suspected I find a friend. This gives me a clear alibi in case a body is found. I always stick with my friends for the most part. Since I am so trusting it is easy to fool me. I would ask my friends multiple times if they were the killer and if they said “no” that was good enough for me. You can imagine my heartbreak when I was trying to do my task and then I see my best friend snapping my character’s neck.


But this didn’t bother me because I knew as the imposter they have to kill so I had no hard feelings. This all changed when my friend reported my body and claim they had no idea what happened to me. That was very well played, but sometimes people would be a little suspicious of them. Then on the next few rounds, I kept dying again and again. The mistake I kept making was trusting my friends. I assumed they wouldn’t kill me even if they were the imposter. I was very wrong about that, they had no mercy murdering my character than trying to pin the blame on someone else. It was nice when the tables turned and I killed them the first chance I got because I was thirsty for revenge.

After getting lost in the game, I realized I had played the game for three3 hours straight. It was so addicting and a fun time with friends, I completely lost track of time. But the main lessoned I learned from playing was I can’t trust anyone. I never had trust issues before, but now I’m suspicious of everyone, especially my friends. If you ever want a virtual game night with the girls, this is definitely the way to go!

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