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Alyssa Espinosa: From FSU To Google

It’s not every day you land your first internship with Google as a junior in college, but Alyssa Espinosa is not your everyday student. Originally from Davie, Florida, Alyssa has taken every opportunity provided to her to accomplish her goals. Majoring in Entrepreneurship and Professional Sales, she is graduating this term and has a full-time job with Google lined up. She learned about the internship ironically enough through the movie The Internship. She spent three months working at the Google HQ in Silicon Valley as an Accounts Strategist and has accepted a job offer to work full-time as an Account Executive for new business sales.

As an incredibly driven young woman, she has always tried to go above and beyond her expectations. Espinosa is heavily involved on campus with the Professional Sales Team and Alpha Kappa Psi, the largest and oldest business fraternity in the nation.

How does she stay motivated and inspired to work so hard? She surrounds herself with people who are just as motivated and encourage her to be the best student and professional as possible. She credits her professionalism and abilities to Alpha Kappa Psi and all her fellow fraternity brothers, who have helped prepare her to take the Tech Sales world by storm.

“AKPsi is pretty much where I learned everything about professionalism…and it prepared for the opportunities FSU provided me.” She is also incredibly thankful to the Sales Institute because that’s where she learned the skills needed to succeed in her career. “AKPsi prepared me for the interview and on how to get the position, and FSU gave me the opportunities that the Sales Institute taught me how to succeed in.”

Courtesy: Alyssa Espinosa 

The greatest lesson this soon-to-be grad learned from her time interning at Google was to never underestimate herself. She believed she couldn’t succeed on the same scale as her fellow interns because she didn’t go to a “high ranking” or Ivy League school, something I’m sure many students across the nation can relate to. She overcame that fear by telling herself, “you’re strong, you made it, you deserve to be here. Just do what you’ve been learning this whole time….look back [at your experiences] and think that you’ve made it through every other thing that you’ve put yourself through.”

Just like so many of us young women, she draws her strength and inspiration from her mom. Espinosa credits her mom with being the most passionate, selfless and hard-working woman she knows, and clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She aspires to be the mother and woman her mom is and she is clearly headed down the right path.

“It’s a priority to have a profession [as a woman], especially in this day and age, and for me it is. My end goal, in particular, is to not only have a profession that I’m proud of and I can support my family with, but that I can be the second-best mom in the world, only second to my mom. Espinosa’s determination and drive makes her a prime example of women who are changing their field of work every single day.

As for her views on being a woman in this day in age going into tech sales, she says, “It’s exciting. As a woman, I feel like there’s never been more opportunity than there is right now, especially in my field of work. As a woman in this profession, the world is not ready…I am very proud and blessed to have grown up in a society that every single day adopts the idea of women in power.” Alyssa is only just beginning what is surely going to be a lifetime of success and achievement, and she is proving to all college girls that our time to succeed is now!

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