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Aly & AJ Are Back To Remind You Why You Used To Be Obsessed

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since Aly & AJ released their life-changing banger “Potential Breakup Song,” the song that immediately changed all of our elementary and middle school lives for the better. Now, 10 years later after their musical hiatus, the sister duo is finally gifting us all with another bop.

If, for some reason, all memory of Aly & AJ has vanished from your brain and the words “Potential Breakup Song” don’t stir the desire inside of you to get up and sing, let me give you the basic run down of who exactly this dynamic duo is. Sisters Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka first released their debut album Into the Rush in 2005 and their second studio album, Insomniatic, was released in 2007. Both girls gained popularity by starring in the Disney Channel Original Movie Cowbelles. Aly specifically gained much popularity starring in the Disney Channel show Phil of the Future. Following their Disney fame the two have further developed their acting careers: Aly starring in the CW shows Hellcats and iZombie and AJ starring in ABC’s The Goldbergs and lending her voice to Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe.

This past August the two released the audio for their lead single, “Take Me,” from their upcoming EP Ten Years. On September 14th Aly & AJ dropped the much-anticipated music video for their new song.  

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In a recent interview with Out Magazine, AJ revealed that the inspiration for this song comes from her own attempts at getting into the dating scene through dating apps after ending a long-term relationship. She tells that she was left “uninspired” after not getting to know anyone in person and was left wondering just when someone would take her out.

Both the song and the music video demonstrate extreme ’80s influence (which, personally, I am all about). Take Me’s synth-pop under beats and strong hook lines draw inspiration from the great pop songs of that decade. The track’s feel is similar to other artists’ like Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, and CHVRCHES, who’s love for the ‘80s can also be seen in their musical styles, video productions and directions, and occasionally their own personal fashion.  

The new music video exudes the appearance of an ‘80s horror B-Movie with the sisters starring as vampires set against what appears to be a southern California suburban background. Don’t worry, there is no Twilight style sparkling or Vampire Diaries’ red eyes and veins. Instead, they are keeping it classy with simple fangs and blood dripping down their chins. I can honestly say that they are two of the prettiest vampires I have ever seen. This can be thanked in part to their stylist, Chris Horan, and their hair and make-up artist for the video, Elissa Ruminer.

In the video, Aly and AJ find the perfect victims and snacks in Amanda Crew, Madeline Zima, and Josh Pence who they munch on, pet, and play with throughout the course of the video. There is also one specific ensemble they take on that I believe will soon become iconic and it consists of a metallic millennial pink puffy blouse. Once you watch the video in full, you too will fall in love with their outfit and be living for it just as much as I am right now.

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The music video is currently available on Aly & AJ’s VEVO page on YouTube and their single Take Me is currently available on ITunes and Spotify. There is currently no release date set for the upcoming EP, so you’re just going to have to sit on the edge of your seat waiting for news about that. Hopefully, we won’t be left waiting another 10 years!

Elizabeth is an Editing, Writing, and Media and Media/Communications double major at Florida State University who has hopes of working in the publishing or journalism field in the future. When she's not stressing over school or the future she likes to play Stardew Valley and listen to NPR podcasts.
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