Alpha Epsilon Delta and Its Role in the Encouragement of Pre-Health Students

Alpha Epsilon Delta is not the sorority the name implies. Instead, Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) is a health pre-professional honor society. It dedicates itself to providing opportunities to its members that could deepen their passions for the health fields. This includes volunteering, getting involved in events like Dance Marathon, a mentor program and more. Attempting to manage the unclear path to any clinical profession is extremely difficult. It is rewarding for the members to have a club willing to guide them through the long trek to graduate school. This week Her Campus sat down with the Vice President, Kaitlyn Prezioso, of AED to talk about what makes this club so great and how it encourages its members.

Her Campus (HC): We know that AED is a pre-professional honor society, but if you could describe it in one word what would it be and why?

Kaitlyn Prezioso (KP): Guide. I think AED is an excellent guide to getting to graduate school or the health-related activity one desires. We have medical school workshops where members can find out what exactly medical schools are looking for and how to prepare for medical school applications. We also have Dean’s Day where Deans from across the state come to meet and offer advice to our students. We do all these events to make sure our members are informed and feel confident in the path they are taking to the next step in their careers.


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HC: What do you think is one of the most rewarding experiences you can partake in as an AED member?

KP: I think one of the experiences that members most love and feel rewarded by is Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is the 20-hour marathon FSU does in support of children with pediatric illnesses. AED attends every year and fundraises. Members always talk about how this experience is extremely rewarding and reminds them of why they want to go into health-related fields. It is very impactful when you see the way your funds impact the families they go to.


Courtesy: @aedfsu on Instagram


HC: What does a typical club meeting look like? How do your meetings encourage your members?

KP: We typically have our club meetings every other week from seven to eight at night. We always have guest speakers ranging from physician’s assistants to surgeons. We try to bring in speakers that will interest our members and perhaps provide them with information they never thought they would find interesting. Members are encouraged because they can find opportunities such as volunteer programs or post-graduate programs that are valuable to them and their career pursuits.

HC: There are many health-related clubs on campus. What do you think makes you stand out or what opportunities do you think are different?

KP: I think one of the things that makes AED so special is how welcoming we try to be. By the middle of the first semester, members will know the faces of the executive board and our names. We strive to have the entire board at every meeting and event. Therefore, we get to know our members well even though we are a large organization compared to other health clubs. We have socials like pumpkin painting and more that allow us to become closer and to form a group the members can confide in for any of their concerns, clinical related or not. We also have a medical mission trip every year for our members to potentially go on. This year we are going to Costa Rica!


Courtesy: @aedfsu on Instagram


HC: Considering that welcoming attitude what would you say to any students looking to potentially join your organization?

KP: If you are interested in any health-related field, do not hesitate to join us. We strive to provide the best opportunities for you. We are constantly looking for ways to get you involved and find opportunities we know you would be interested in. If you want information about the path to your profession or just want some friendly faces to be around, our club is always welcoming. We love our members!

You can find more information about Alpha Epsilon Delta and how to join here.

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