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Alpha Chi Omega Will Now Accept Trans Women as Members

Courtesy: Total Sorority Move


On Friday, February 17, the National President of Alpha Chi Omega, Angela Harris, released both a video and a letter in which she welcomed “all who live and identify as women” with open arms to join the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. This means all women; creating an environment of tolerance and inclusion of such communities as the LGBTQ+ into Greek life. This decision is one of acceptance and speaks leaps and bounds to an ever-progressing world, as well as breaking down barriers on a broad scope.

Trans visibility in both our everyday social sphere and that of the media has been on the rise in recent years. Traditionally, Greek life across the U.S. holds a negative stigma wrought with hazing and exclusivity; generally prejudiced and unwelcoming environments to those who don’t adhere to certain stereotypes, but that’s exactly what these are – stereotypes. Greek life is mostly centered on involvement and betterment; in the community, the world and within the members of the organizations.

In the past few years, there has been a large shift in the understanding of what it means to be LGBTQ+ and transgender. As organizations like Alpha Chi Omega make changes to be more diverse and accepting, it sends a message that regardless of sexuality, race and/or gender identity, we are all just human-beings brought together over a common cause and desire to improve.

Courtesy: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority


Recently, colleges across the U.S. have had their local chapters of fraternities and sororities open their doors to become a more embracing and empowering community. Alpha Chi Omega is the first sorority to declare their inclusivity on a national level. President Angela Harris’s video statement and full letter can be read here.

This decision also sets an example and paves the way for other sororities and fraternities to follow suit. Hopefully, this is a step forward toward a more well-rounded and better understood environment in Greek life. Until then, kudos to A Chi O!

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