All the Shows I've Binge Watched During Quarantine

To be completely honest, binge-watching is not my thing. I’ve never really had time to watch episodes of a show consecutively in one day. However, ever since I’ve been quarantined, my sister and I have decided to start watching shows that have caught our eyes for some time. We really did not expect to finish a season in one day or go to sleep at four in the morning. Let’s just say, quarantine has made us professional binge-watchers. Here are the shows we’ve dedicated our free time to.

1. Criminal Minds

My sister and I have heard all types of opinions on this show. We’ve seen Law & Order: SVU and figured since we enjoyed that show, we’ll be interested in this one. Well, we’re not only interested, but now quite invested. It’s gotten to the point where my sister is considering changing her major (seriously). I mean, you see Matthew Gray Gubler on screen almost every episode, what’s not to love?

 2. The Vampire Diaries

For the longest time, my sister and I have avoided this show. We heard all the spoilers and figured we shouldn’t even try watching it. On the first week of quarantine, we decided we had nothing better to do so we started watching the show. 10 days later and we finish all eight seasons with very little sleep in between. Besides hearing some spoilers, we were entertained every episode and now our  TikTok feed is 95% Damon and Stefan Salvatore, but we’re not complaining.

 3. Outer Banks

Even though the first season was just released on Netflix, we finished all 10 episodes in one day and we’re patiently waiting for season two. This show has everything a Netflix show should. The romance, mystery, suspense and friendship dynamics are everything! The ratings have been going crazy and there is talk the show is signed for more than just two seasons. In all seriousness though, where can I find a JJ or John B? Asking for a friend.

 4. The Sinner

Okay, my sister and I honestly had no idea this show existed until we were scrolling Netflix one night. If you’re into psychological thrillers, this is your show. It’s addicting and just when you think you’re done watching it for the day, the ending of an episode grabs your attention and you cannot stop! My sister and I are guilty of this, I swear. Each season is based on a different crime and they’re only 8 episodes each so it’s very easy to binge-watch.

Quarantine isn’t over yet and Netflix has been a major plug with these series. Might just have to feed my binge-watching addiction and start a new show after finishing this article. Wish my sleep schedule luck ;).

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