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Since its release in March, the highly anticipated “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” has seen wide success. This is especially true since the game was released at the cusp of social distancing, where stores saw Nintendo Switch’s sell out. Now Nintendo has released the game’s biggest update since its March release, and many are excited for what’s to come. So, what should you expect to come to your island? Check out the full list below!

Reduced Interest Rates

The Bank of Nook will be sending you a letter upon downloading the update. The letter states that interest rates will be reduced. This is probably due to many users taking advantage of this feature to get rich off bells. Although it is unclear how much has been reduced, the bank also gifts you a rug shaped in a bell bag to make up for the inconvenience.

Free Update Gift from Nintendo

Although it is not considered an update, the game makers have given everyone a free gift in the mail for downloading the new update. In the present, players will find a world map that can be hung on the walls in your house.

New Island Visitors/Merchants

Probably the most anticipated part of the update comes with two new island visitors who are also merchants looking to sell some product players have not seen before. First is Leif, who is a merchant that will appear in front of the resident services building, and he will sell all things garden related. He will sell flowers, buy weeds for a mere 20 bells as opposed to the previous 10 bells at Nook’s Cranny, and more importantly, he sells shrubbery. These shrubs must be planted in a similar fashion to new trees and flowers, but they add that extra special touch to your island. Next is Jolly Redd, who will appear on your private beach with his boat from time-to-time. On his boat, he looks to sell you fine art and a couple of interesting furniture items, at a deeply discounted price. However, the catch is that Jolly Redd can sell you counterfeit art pieces, so it is up to the player to examine the art to determine what is authentic and which pieces are fake! However, he will only arrive at a player’s island once the museum has obtained 60 donated bugs and fish.

Museum Expansion

Speaking of the museum, with Jolly Redd’s arrival, players will see the museum add an extra wing. This new wing will be dedicated to art and will come after the player has donated its first piece obtained by Jolly Redd. The first piece the merchant will sell you is always real, and once donated to the Blathers, the museum will go into construction the very next day. Although the museum will be closed for construction the whole day, players have been impressed by the new wing’s look. The art players will be donating is based on real pieces from classical artists, like Vincent Van Gogh.

New Seasonal Events

The end of April and beginning of May will see some fun events come. There is “Nature Day”, which runs till the 4th of May. For this special day, players will be tasked to complete eco-friendly objectives, including planting a new item, shrubs. After the completion of one objective, Tom Nook will gift you with DIY recipes for said shrubs. “May Day Tours” will run from May 1-7. Here players can get a May Day ticket that will transport them to interesting mystery islands. Towards the end of May, there will be an International Museum Day that will run from May 18-31. The players will be subjected to a stamp rally where they will collect stamps on a card that leads to a reward by visiting parts of the museum exhibits. Lastly, there will be a “Wedding Season” for the entirety of the month of June. For this whole month-long event, players will travel to Harv’s island, where they will celebrate the marriage between two alpacas. After the celebrations, you will receive wedding-themed gifts. 

New Shirts

A minor detail compared to some other parts of the updates, but players can now obtain Tom Nook and Isabelle’s Nook shirts. These are the shirts they sport on the island and players can now purchase them through the kiosk for 600 nook miles each.

Since the update’s release, players have been enjoying the new offerings and are looking forward to the seasonal events to come! After this update, players can only imagine what is to come for the rest of the year!

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