Alex Gillotte: Beauty, Brains and Brawn!

Name: Alexandra Gillotte

Age: 19

Year: Freshman

Hometown: West Palm Beach (but born in Ohio)

Relationship Status: Taken

Major: Biological Sciences

Her Campus (HC): So, what do you plan on doing with your biology degree?

Alex Gillotte (AG): Well, I plan on getting my bio degree to prepare myself for the MCAT to eventually become an anesthesiologist. That’s also why I’m minoring in Chemistry and Psychology.

HC: That sounds like a tall order. How do you manage your schedule?

AG: Last semester I was a big procrastinator, so I’ve definitely learned how to manage my time better from my past mistakes. Now, if I get an assignment, I try to finish it as quickly as possible. I have really good support from my friends, which helps.

HC: Where do you plan on continuing your education for graduate school?

AG: I‘m considering three places right now: University of Miami, University of Alabama, or staying here with my fellow 'Noles.

HC: It sounds like you really know what you want. Where do you see yourself after you’re finished with all of your studies?

AG: Well, I see myself interning in… I don’t know, maybe somewhere in Tennessee. In all honesty, maybe I’ll stay near the school I graduate from. I’m actually interested in Boston. I also see myself married without kids.

HC: It seems like you’re really into your academics. Have you found ways to become more involved within campus?

AG: Actually, I’m a referee for IM (intramural) sports- basketball and soccer.

HC: Have you always been interested in sports?

AG: Yes, when I was younger I used play every sport from soccer to tackle football with the boys. Once I moved to Florida from Ohio, I stuck with my real passion, which was soccer. I played it throughout high school and was the captain for both my varsity high school team and travel team.

HC: Are there other ways you’re looking to get involved?

AG: Once I get my work and school schedule settled, I plan to join HOSA and FORCE. This will help set me up for opportunities in shadowing and [will] hopefully [help me] gain more experience in my field.