Across the World in 8 Christmas Displays

The holiday season means a lot to me - presents, hot chocolate, being home - but one of my favorite parts has always been driving around to see all the light displays. I remember being mesmerized by even my neighbors' displays as my family and I drove around. There are so many amazing displays across the world that would be a dream to see in person. Let’s take a trip to peek at my top 8 favorites.


1.The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City, New York, USA

Courtesy: Christmas 365 Greetings


We'll start our journey at the ever-so-classic Rockefeller X-mas Tree. This is one of the grandest displays in the states and its glory can only truly be appreciated when you stand or skate in front of it. It’s also a feature in many Christmas classics including Elf.


2. The Somerset House in London, England

Courtesy: Red Online


Across the pond, we marvel at the Somerset House in London, England. This is another similar concept of a massive tree, ice skating and restaurants. There's also a Christmas Arcade where visitors can go late-night shopping.


3. Christmas Lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City, Philippines

Courtesy: Per-Andre Hoffman


Next, we go to Makati City in the Philippines. This display features a light show that continues from 6 - 10 p.m. with different patterns, music and lights.


4. Kobe Luminaire in Kobe, Japan

Courtesy: Travel Channel


In Japan, this display is lit up for two weeks during the month of December as a tribute to the lives lost in the Great Hanshin Earthquake that occurred in 1995.


5. The Christmas Tree at Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain

Courtesy: Cheap in Madrid


In Spain, this Christmas tree changes color from green to yellow and is huge. It's a large tourist attraction in Madrid because of its massive size.


6. Casino Square in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Courtesy: Best Products


Next, we fly to Monaco. The lights on the trees in front of Casino Square look like something out of a movie. It's absolutely magnificent and features multiple huge trees. It marks the beginning of the holiday season!


7. Christmas Market in Frankfurt, Germany

Courtesy: Best Products

Going into Germany already brings a holiday feel with the traditional architecture. The Christmas Market is on another level though. The gorgeous lights and large tree are sure to get anyone in the spirit.


8. Christmas Light Festival in Medellin, Colombia

Courtesy: The Bohemian Diaries


Our last spot is in Colombia and this light display is one you can actually drive through. It features a tunnel of holiday lights in fun artistic colors and designs. It is definitely one of the coolest December must-sees.