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Accessories Spotlight: Bianca Taylor Knows Good Bows

Many people dream of opening their own store and selling their handmade creations after graduation, but FSU senior Bianca Taylor is a step ahead in the fashion game. Since opening her own Etsy shop, Specialty Bows By Bianca, in January of 2012, she has gained more than 1,100 admirers and 1,700 sales. From bow ties to hair bows (and even a cat and dog bow line!), Taylor possesses the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that many of us aspire to have.

Photo by Bianca Taylor

Her Campus (HC): When did you start making bows, and how did you learn how to make them?

Bianca Taylor (BT): I started making bows about two and a half years ago, and I pretty much taught myself how to make them.

HC: What made you finally decide to open your own Etsy store?

BT: I had just quit a job working at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I wanted to find a job where I could explore my creative side while still making money. After several weeks of looking, I came upon Etsy! I first had the idea to make galaxy-printed hair bows. I already knew how to sew, and I just started making them. I found a company where you can print your own designs out on fabric, and the rest is history!

HC: How would you describe the style of your bows?

BT: The style of my bows can be classified in a couple different genres: some appeal to hipsters, preppy style, cutesy, and some even look vintage!

Photo by Bianca Taylor

HC: What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to face after opening your Etsy store?

BT: Some obstacles I’ve had to face would be marketing. I knew almost nothing about it up until about a year and a half ago. I finally started looking up different methods of getting my name out there, and it’s helped me grow so much! Another obstacle would be the shipping problems that I’ve had to deal with. USPS is not known to be one of the most reliable services when shipping in bulk, but I definitely like the fact that it’s cheap and that I can keep the cost down for my customers.

HC: It’s great that you have the customers in mind during the whole creation process. What’s your most popular selling item?

BT: My most popular selling item has to be my purple galaxy-printed hair bow. I also have an American flag print which is quickly surpassing it with most bows ordered. I actually had to buy four yards of fabric for it in the past month (I normally buy only one) just to keep up with the orders!

Photo by Bianca Taylor

HC: What sets your store apart from other similar stores?

BT: What sets my store apart from other bow companies is that I actually create the designs for most of my fabrics. I don’t think most other shops can really say they make their own prints!

HC: Where do you find inspiration for the print designs?

BT: Some of it is inspired by things I like, and some of it is inspired by what I see that is popular in fashion right now.

HC: Do you have any sales going on right now?

BT: I currently have four sales going on right now. One is a buy two get one free shipping coupon (B2GFREESHIP), a buy three get one free coupon (B3G1FREE), a recurring customer coupon which is automatically sent to all my customers after their purchase, and of course, the Her Campus deal (HERCAMPUS15) which is also 15% off of your total purchase!

HC: Sounds like a sweet deal! Now, for those of us who have amazing ideas for a business but not enough traction, what would you say to someone who wants to sell their own products or become an entrepreneur?

BT: My biggest piece of advice that I can give to someone who wants to sell their own products would be to find something that’s trending right now and put your own spin on it! Galaxy-printed things were trending when I started two years ago, and no one had galaxy bows yet! I took that new spin, and if you look on Etsy, my product has been one of the top searched for galaxy hair bows since then.

You can view and order Bianca’s bows here. Also, for a limited time, all Her Campus Readers can get 15% off of their total order with coupon code HERCAMPUS15.

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