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AAS-Chu: Meet Amber, Outreach Chair for the Asian American Student Union

You’ve probably seen her before—tabling at Market Wednesday, somewhere on the fourth floor of Thagard, running around campus all summer in a striped polo. She’s intelligent, funny, a great leader and a great friend. Meet Amber Chu: Outreach Coordinator for the Asian American Student Union, Capitill State Dance Team Co-Captain and 2019 Orientation Leader.

Her Campus (HC): What’s your icebreaker speech? Major, year, hometown, a fun fact.

Amber Chu (AC): I’m a senior from Boca Raton, Florida, studying Management Information Systems, and fun fact is that I am originally from California!

HC: What inspired you to want to join the Asian American Student Union?

AC: I wanted to join AASU because back in Boca I was part of the Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association (CSCCA) where I was on the Lion Dance team! My high school didn’t have many Asians, so I would go to CSCCA to feel a sense of community with my culture. When I came to college and went to the Involvement Fair I knew I wanted to join an Asian organization again, but I was scared to go alone! So, I asked the only other Asian person in my macroeconomics class, Nicole Hansen, to see if she would go with me. She did, and Nicole is now my best friend! If it weren’t for AASU, I don’t think I would have had an excuse to ask her to hang out with me, which really would have changed my entire college experience.

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HC: What do you do on AASU Executive Board?

AC: My position on the Executive Board is Outreach Coordinator. All the board members work together to plan events for the community, but my job is to specifically plan events with organizations outside of AASU so that our community can learn about other organizations and cultures and vice versa. I’m also in charge of the Outreach Committee which helps bring new members into our organization and make them feel welcomed into the AASU community!

HC: How do you think your life would be different if you hadn’t joined AASU?

AC: I think I wouldn’t have any friends! I made friends in my residence hall, Landis, and a few friends from my classes, but this Agency is where I made the bulk of my friends during freshman year. Although I probably would have gotten involved in something else, I genuinely don’t know what it would be! Additionally, I think I would not be as proud of my heritage as I am today. Attending a Predominantly White Institution makes it easy to not fully embrace one’s identity and heritage, especially if you surround yourself with people that don’t know about your culture. AASU encouraged me to be proud of who I am and even encouraged me to share my culture with people of other ethnicities.

HC: What are some other leadership experiences that have impacted you?

AC: In addition to being involved in AASU, I am also a 2019 Orientation Leader! Being an Orientation Leader (OL) was one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I was able to really test my body on how little sleep I actually need, and I was able to be the first person someone talks to as they start their FSU experience all while learning so much about different leadership styles and teamwork from my fellow OL’s. The different identities held by my team taught me so much. I learned just how important communication, both professional and emotional, is. I also learned about different leadership styles and how they can all work together, but most importantly, I learned how to be a leader amongst other leaders.

Amber at Orientation

HC: What is a favorite memory of your time with AASU?

AC: It would have to be winning first place at Def Talent Jam (DTJ), a hip-hop dance competition held by UF FSA, this past year. I’m also a Co-Captain for Capitill State, a hip-hop dance team under the Filipino Student Association. I’ve been part of it since freshman year and this team is what jumpstarted my involvement in AASU. During my time on the team, we had never even placed at the competition. This past year, with the help of my co-captains and coordinators, we created a different team dynamic than previous years which made a difference in our performance. I still remember the energy on that stage, and maybe it was because it was my last competition ever with this team or because of the members of this year’s team specifically, but I knew while we were performing that this was the best set I have ever been a part of. Because of our practices Monday through Friday and the hard work of the captains and coordinators, we were able to bring home the first-place trophy!

HC: How do you think your involvement on campus has prepared you for life after graduation?

AC: Being involved and holding these different leadership positions has prepared me for future employment opportunities in so many ways. I’ve learned a lot of interpersonal communication skills, how to properly manage my time and how to delegate tasks to other people. I’ve learned how to be a leader in a peer setting and how to become friends with people you have authority over. And I’ve learned that being passionate about what I do makes my “work” so much more rewarding. So as I continue my job search, I know not to look for just any job, but for a job that I’ll be able to work and talk with other people, that will assist in the growth or improvement of others, and that I will have fun and grow in. I would not have spent my time at FSU any other way!

While the rest of the world eagerly awaits Amber’s debut into the post-grad world, keep up with her on Instagram!

Amber at Homecoming Parade

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