90s Classic 'Clueless' is Getting a Remake!

We live in an age where we are constantly holding on to the 90s like our lives depended on it. I mean let's face the facts, if you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s probably because only #90sKidsWillRemember. Hold onto your scrunchies and denim jackets kids because I got some news that is going to knock your heelys off! Our favorite 90s classic, Clueless, is in the works for a remake! Deadline announced on October 26th that a remake of the blockbuster favorite is in its early stages of development at Paramount. It is rumored they have employed a powerhouse of writers including Girls Trip writer, Tracy Oliver and Glow writer, Marquita Robinson. The original movie was directed and written by Amy Heckerling and left its mark in the 90s where it grossed more than $56 million. Needless to say, this re-boot has some large platform shoes to fill! There are a lot of mixed emotions in regard to the reboot of the classic because as we know, if it is a true classic, then it doesn’t need to be re-made. I used to think the same thing, however, the writers of this new version of the classic seem promising. The movie is still in its pre-development phase so it is too early to tell if the movie will be based on the original story or if it will take on a complete re-imagination. So, let us know what you think? Do you think this reboot will leave you saying “Ugh, as if!” or will the remake leave you “Rolling with the Homies?"

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If you don’t know how to cope with all of your excitement, don’t worry, the Twitterverse is also losing their minds and not really sure how to feel! In one state of mind, some of us absolutely hate the idea of a remake. Could you imagine someone remaking The Breakfast Club? Ugh, as if!

You know what they say, if it’s not broke, why make it into a 90s classic reboot?

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But some people are so nostalgic that they are giving this remake a little bit of hope.

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Others are just all too excited to have a new Clueless to love.

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LIKE, I CAN’T BELIEVE THE 90S CULTURE IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA. GIRL, DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR ALL CAPS THIS IS A HUGE DEAL! If we are being honest, I will most likely be thinking in all caps until this movie gets released.


Deadline Hollywood even put up a twitter poll about the #Clueless remake. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing how they remake this film because I didn’t think such a thing was possible! However, anything is possible if we are talking about the 90s. Well, except fast internet connection, smartphones, DVD players, etc. If this movie doesn’t work out then, I’ll just see my way back to the original film and pretend like nothing ever happened, because who doesn’t love reminiscing about being a 90s kid anyway?

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