The 9 Types of Guys You'll See on Bumble

Bumble is a new dating app that has been gaining major buzz around college campuses especially at Florida State. Bumble is very similar to Tinder where you swipe right or left on potential matches. However, Bumble spices things up by giving girls 24 hours to message the guy first. These are a few of the guys you’ll definitely come across on Bumble.

1. The Guy Looking for a Formal Date

It’s formal season which means that boys take to Bumble to scout out potential dates. You’ll know exactly who’s looking for a formal date cause his bio will say something like “Only here for a formal date” or “Now accepting formal applications for Nola.” Their formal is probably next week and they need you to make a killer cooler as soon as possible.  

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2. The Bartender

This guy likes to make it known that he’s a bartender who likes to party. All of his pictures are of him having a great time serving at the bar. When you find out he works at Recess you immediately swipe right over the thought of free drinks.

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3. The Friend

You stumble upon one of your best guy friends while on Bumble and you swipe right for the laughs. You guys message each other and jokingly flirt to make fun of the situation. Sometimes you have to be careful though because some guy friends may end up taking the playful match as something more.

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4. The Frat Star

He’s always repping his fraternity letters and all of his profile pictures show him having a great time out with his bros. Whether he’s a founding father or is on the exec board, he’s all about his fraternity. He’s possibly looking for a date to his next date function or maybe even a girl to nominate for his fraternity’s sweetheart.

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5. The Athlete

From football players to competitive swimmers you’ll definitely come across a few star athletes on Bumble. It seems to be a low-key rule to always swipe to athletes on Bumble.

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6. The DJ

The first picture you’ll see will be a professional picture of him spinning tracks at coliseum. He has some great quality pictures at the club and a part of you wants a spot at the DJ booth the next time you go out.

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7. The Ex

Seeing your ex boyfriend, friend with benefits, or former hook up on Bumble is always an awkward few seconds. Your first instinct is to screen shot his profile and send it to all your friends. Then you immediately swipe left cause that relationship is definitely history.

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8. The Personal Trainer

He works at the Leach or Gold’s and his interests include working out and going out. He’s in great shape and is looking for someone who goes hard at the Leach and at Pots. 

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9. The Out of Towner

Usually he’s a guy from Gainesville, Orlando or Miami who’s in town visiting his friends and looking for a good time. He wants to know the best places to go out in Tallahassee and wants you to meet up with him at the bars. These out of towners may try to swoon you by asking “What’s good at FSU, besides you.”

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