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9 Songs to Add to Your Playlist to Get You Through Spring Semester

Springtime often becomes a confusing time for everyone in Florida usually due to the fact that, as it is now, we get weeks that are consistently 80 degrees. Every now and then, however, we will be quickly humbled when a 60-degree Monday comes out to play. Winter tends to set us all down a spiral of seasonal identity crisis and any sense of fashion becomes demolished as we realize layers are the only key to survival… or I guess checking the forecast could always work too. Either way, whether (no pun intended) it be 60 degrees or 85, we’ll get through this together. Weather isn’t the only pressing issue we have to worry about because as we know, February is also the time of dreaded midterms. Ah yes, the part of the semester where you overdose on caffeine, contemplate dropping out, get two hours of sleep a night and remember that you’re going to have to go through this all again when finals come around. How are we going to survive? Well thankfully, music exists in this fickle world to help us deal with the pain that comes with being a college student in Florida. I’ve put together a list of a few of my favorites that lift my head up when I’m feeling down, i.e. when I lose all hope and forget to wear layers on that 60-degree Monday. I must warn you that there truly isn’t a theme to this list except for the fact that hopefully at least one of these tunes can put a smile on your face, keep your head up and maybe even inspire you. Click on the title of the song to listen to the tune!


1. “still feel”- half•alive

Courtesy: Album of the Year

“still feel” should truly be the name of my college memoir. I survived the seasons, I survived the finals, I even survived accounting. And guess what, I “still feel” alive… physically. Emotionally might be another story.


2. “Shuffle”- Bombay Bicycle Club

Courtesy: Wikipedia

“Shuffle” is definitely just one of those songs that you have to roll your window down for, the kind where even though you’re stuck at a red light on West Tennessee Street, you still sing and jam as if nobody’s watching. It’s that good of a jam.


3. “Video Child”- Many Voices Speak

Courtesy: Shazam  

Some of you may recognize this song from the famous Netflix film, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and while the cheesy rom-com was everything of a teenage girl’s dream, the soundtrack was even better. This song in particular.


4. “Give Yourself a Try”- The 1975

Courtesy: Stereogum

I usually never gave The 1975 a chance, but this one came on shuffle one afternoon and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Just like most of their music, it leaves a nostalgic feel with an electric sensation that is sure to liven up your 60-degree Monday.


5. “Someday”- The Strokes

Courtesy: Amazon

You can’t go wrong with the Stokes, and this particular song just happens to be a classic.


6. “Past Lives”- BØRNS

Courtesy: YouTube

If the intro of this song doesn’t give you goosebumps, I am just not sure what will. The feeling while listening to this song is indescribable as if you want to laugh, cry and sing at the top of your lungs all at the same time. I feel, dare I say, born again.


7. “Tomorrow”- James Hersey

Courtesy: Genius  

This song puts me in a good mood no matter what trauma I experienced on campus that day. Not to be dramatic but I could have ten midterms, fail all of them, have no career and then listen to this song and feel alright. Okay, so maybe not to that extreme, but I swear it’s a good one. Pass your midterms and then give it a listen.


8. “Fake Smile”- Ariana Grande


Courtesy: Stereogum  

Y’all really thought you were going to get through a playlist without at least one Ariana Grande song on it? Then you guys better wake up because this song is a straight bop. Listen, I know it seems like the cool thing to do, listen to Ariana Grande and whatnot, but she truly is doing something right with this last album I promise you that. Give it a listen and if you don’t like it then … fake smile.


9. “Crush”- Tessa Violet

 Courtesy: Songwhip  

Hey, does anyone have any toast and butter? Because this is my JAM. This song is fun to play through your headphones and just put a little bounce in your step as you make your way across campus. Good luck trying not to sing along though. It also helps that this song is more relatable than it should be.

And that concludes my list of songs that should help you survive these next couple of months. And if you are like me and graduating in the spring, then you know that having a playlist to help you deal with existential crises is crucial. Whether it be your midterms, the unpredictable weather or your impending graduation, just know that we will get through it one solid bop at a time.

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