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A Review of Silk Sonic’s First Album “An Evening with Silk Sonic”

In March 2021, R&B duo Silk Sonic released their first single “Leave the Door Open” and took the world by storm. Consisting of pop artist Bruno Mars and rapper Anderson .Paak, the two singers came together to create the musical duo that is Silk Sonic. If you ask me, their name is the perfect description of what kind of music they create. It’s a smooth and funky homage to ‘70s R&B music combined with funk and modern-day pop.

Their first live debut at the 2021 GRAMMYs on Mar. 14, just days after their first single was released, sold it for listeners and had them begging for more. On Nov. 12, Silk Sonic released their first-ever album An Evening with Silk Sonic after teasing listeners with the new single “Skate.” Consisting of nine songs, An Evening with Silk Sonic is just the beginning for this duo and was a great first album to follow up with the success of their first two singles.

The album begins with the “Silk Sonic Intro” which has the voice of iconic 1970s musician Bootsy Collins introducing the band Silk Sonic. The inclusion of Bootsy Collins throughout the album was genius because it adds to the image that they are attempting to create of a ‘70s R&B/funk duo. The album then flows nicely into Silk Sonic’s very first single “Leave the Door Open.” Despite the fact that this song has been out for a few months, I can say wholeheartedly that I do not feel like I’m sick of it yet and that it still has the same effect on me that it had when I heard it for the first time. My favorite part about this song is probably the background vocals. They really add to the song as a whole and take me back in time to make me feel like the song is coming out of a jukebox even though it’s coming out of my AirPods. This was the perfect song for Silk Sonic to release and perform first way back in March because I believe it truly describes the brand they’re trying to go for.

Following “Leave the Door Open” is “Fly as Me” and this is where I think the album falls a little short. This song does not give the same silky-smooth vibes as the rest of the songs and while it is very catchy, it feels like a pop song instead of the ‘70s R&B Silk Sonic has presented in the rest of the album. I have seen many memes on TikTok relating this song to an Old Navy commercial or calling it a ‘dressing room playlist’ song, which I do think is pretty accurate. However, I wouldn’t consider this song a ‘miss’ because while it is definitely a confidence booster, I just feel it doesn’t really match the same vibes that the rest of the album is giving us.

Next up is “After Last Night” featuring Thundercat and Bootsy Collins. I mean it when I say this song is everything. It is sexy, it is romantic and perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to fall in love with someone at first sight. My favorite part about this song is definitely the harmonies and once again the inclusion of Bootsy Collins is so iconic. This then flows seamlessly into “Smokin Out the Window” which was a hit on TikTok as soon as the album was released, and for good reason! Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak screaming “This b*tch” multiple times in the song had people cracking up, and along with the amazing vocals, it was destined to be a hit. It expresses the message of loving someone who doesn’t give you the same energy back.

Going along with the concept of heartbreak, the album goes onto “Put On a Smile.” This song is by far my favorite on the album. It’s sincere and emotional while also being oh-so-groovy. The vocals are absolutely everything from both Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars, especially the harmonies during the chorus. The beginning with the subtle raindrops, the bass and the smooth vocals from Anderson .Paak is what I think heartbreak would sound like. While the entire album is so upbeat, this song really brings the album together bringing the story of love full circle, since of course, it does include heartbreak. This song was made for Bruno Mars stans with a hint of Anderson .Paak.

The song “777” is so much fun. If you are in the mood to dance in the mirror, roll down your windows and drive or even just need a fun tune to walk to class with, this is the song for you. I am transported to the bright lights of Vegas the second I hit play. It also reminds me a lot of Anderson .Paak’s individual music prior to Silk Sonic’s creation. It reminds me a lot of his single “Come Down” with the instrumentals in the background and the high energy. This is followed up by “Skate” which was the second single they released prior to the full album. I think this song is catchy, fun and is another great dancing tune! “Blast Off” is the final song on the album, which I feel is probably my least favorite song. It is fun (as all their songs are), but I don’t feel that it has the same flare as all of the other songs did.

Overall, I thought An Evening Silk Sonic was a fantastic first album and I cannot wait to see the other fun stuff they put out as a fairly new duo. As both a Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak fan, this duo holds a very special place in my heart! If you haven’t checked them out yet, make sure to add some Silk Sonic to your playlist!

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Hannah Scheifele is a writer from Tampa and is an English Education major at FSU. She cares deeply about the environment and likes to read, exercise, do yoga, take pictures, and sew/crochet in her free time! Feel free to reach out to her on insta @hannah.sch_<3
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