8 Ways You Know You're in SoFlo for the Holidays

When we think of Christmas and the month of December, most of us think of cold weather, winter fashion and possibly snow. But if you’re from South Florida, you know that winter fashion only lasts for two weeks when a cold front comes (that’s if it comes in December), and we’re left with nothing to look at but decorated palm trees. South Florida is a special place during the holidays and it’s unlike anywhere else, hence why “snow birds” love coming to visit the Sunshine State. Oh, how us south Floridians love snow birds… Ha.

If you’re from South Florida, then you know what the holidays are like. It goes a little something like this:

Cold Front

Sometimes, and I really mean SOMETIMES, we're blessed with a cold front. Temperatures drop to 60 degrees, and anything other than our normal blazing 90-degree weather is something we all get so excited for. And then you have that non-native Florida person say, “It’s not even that cold.”

That chill lasts until mid-day and once the sun comes out, we’re all sweating in our long sleeves. If there’s a guy running down Commercial Beach’s A1A in a speedo, you know it’s not cold enough.  But we like to pretend it is.

Snow Birds

THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Quebec, New Jersey, New York; once we see these license plates on the road, we know they've arrived. We call them “snowbirds.” They make our commutes so much longer, sometimes hours longer since there are so many of them. They also don’t drive the “Floridian way,” so there’s that.

Power-96 “Mi Burrito Sabanero Remix”

Courtesy: gqban912 YouTube

All of us are familiar with the radio station Power-96 (96.5 FM), and every year they play their remix of “Mi Burrito Sabanero.” I don’t know about you guys, but it’s my December theme song and I look forward to hearing it every time. Nothing says South Florida like a reggaetón remix of a Christmas song, so you gotta love it.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Courtesy: Miami.com

This is the ONE event every south Floridian looks forward to, which is a Christmas themed festival that seems like it lasts for forever (Nov. through Dec.). We hear the same advertisements on the TV and radio with the same theme song every year… every year. I can hear it in my head now. If you don’t go to Santa’s Enchanted Forest, are you even a south Floridian? (I’ve actually never gone.)

Winterfest Boat Parade

Courtesy: Imgur

Nothing says a Christmas in Florida like the annual Christmas Boat Parade. This one is for my Fort Lauderdale collegiettes. People will decorate their boats and yachts with Christmas decorations and cruise through the Intracoastal Waterway showing how Christmas celebrations are supposed to be done the South Florida way. It’s the one day of the year we can sit on our docks and enjoy seeing everyone party on their boats, and hopefully see ourselves on TV.

Holiday Shopping at Sawgrass Mall

Courtesy: 10best.com

This is the homeland of tourists, where you know that anyone who has one of those shopping bag carrier carts is not from here. Gosh forbid you come here on the weekend because you’ll be spending hours just trying to find parking. No matter how many times you go, you always forget which zone you parked in, but seeing the Rainforest Café and all the animals going wild helps you out.

The Classic Galleria Mall Reindeer

Courtesy: Flickr

The classic two reindeer placed outside the mall every year that help us feel the spirit of Christmas, meanwhile the beach is right across the street.

Look For Snow

We’re always looking to go somewhere nearby to see fake snow. And then there's social media, where we see everyone surrounded by a winter wonderland while we’re sitting at the beach where it’s sunny all year long… all year, folks.

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.