The 8 Types of People on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. There are far more categories than just “single” and “taken.” There’s a huge spectrum of V-Day personalities, ranging from “running out of chocolate” to “running out of Tinder swipes.” Keep reading to find out which Valentine’s Day mood applies to you!

1. “Single… again.”

This group is probably the most popular on Valentine’s Day. You’re Valentine-less, but it’s nothing new. You’ve accepted your fate over the course of the last 364 days, and you’re prepared. You’ll be using Valentine’s day to ride solo and just do you. Absolutely nothing wrong with a little self-lovin’ on this national day of romance!

2. “Taken… in case you didn’t see my last 56 posts.”

This is a category that literally everyone is familiar with. It’s the reason your Instagram feed is flooded with kissing photos and gushy paragraphs. It’s the reason so many people decide to go on a yearly social media cleanse every Valentine’s Day. This group will be bombarding all of your social media accounts to remind you that they’re completely and totally in love (as if you didn’t know it already).

3. “Flirty (and a little dirty)”

Whether you have a flirty friend, or you are the flirty friend, everyone has some experience with this V-Day mood! Members of this group may be single, but spending Valentine’s Day alone simply isn’t an option for them. Whether you’re swiping right on Tinder or heading out to the club, you’ll make it your mission to find a Valentine before the night is over!

4. “First v-day with a v-bae!”

So, it’s your first Valentine’s Day with an actual Valentine? Yeah… we can tell. This group goes out to the obsessive Instagram-posters who have been in their new relationship for all of about 2 weeks. It’s also for the couples that haven’t put a label on anything but are clearly head-over-heels for each other. This category proves that time and labels don’t mean a thing when it comes to being in love

5. “Me? I’m (not) fine.”

We all know someone who pretends to be fine on Valentine’s Day but definitely isn’t. You may start the night off strong, but whether it’s all the gushy posts on your timeline, a recent break up you aren’t over or just a little too much wine at Galentine’s, something will bring you to your breaking point. But hey, if you aren’t a fan of V-Day, there’s no shame in showing it!

6. “Tissues and Chill”

You hate Valentine’s Day. You knew this was coming. You’ve stocked up on tissues and chocolate. Your Netflix watchlist is lined up and ready to go. You’re prepared for a night of pure agony. For these people, Valentine’s Day can be a therapeutic 24 hours to let it all out, and that’s okay. Wear those tears and boogers with pride!

7. “It’s actually pronounced Galentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day? This group only knows of Galentine’s Day. For them, Feb. 14 is just a national holiday designed for buying too much wine, watching really bad rom-coms and exchanging your wildest “love” stories. It’s a day to bond with your gals and ignore the entire male species as a whole, which is always a fun time.

8. “Valentine’s Day? Never heard of it.”

When naming all these wildly different Valentine’s Day moods, we can’t leave out the non-believers. For this group, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to just not celebrate it at all. Regardless of your reason for treating Feb. 14 like any other day of the year, you’re more than entitled to a perfectly normal day to yourself. Tip: just maybe stay off Instagram for the next 24 hours!

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.