8 Things You Understand if You Have Terrible Luck

We all know that one person who everything in life seems to come easy to. But, chances are, if you are reading this article, that person is not you. Day in and day out, it seems like nothing is going your way, and you are constantly wondering where you went wrong in life to deserve such bad karma. If only your great-great grandfather had gone back to carry Madame Zeroni up that mountain or that darn black cat had not crossed your path 10 years ago, you wouldn’t be in this situation! Life is hard, but it is even harder when the universe is out to get you. Check out these eight things that are sadly relatable if you have terrible luck.

1. You get overly excited at the smallest glimmer of good luck

It may be rare, but good things do happen once in a blue moon. It could be the smallest win, such as snagging the closest parking space to the building, but you celebrate like a Cubs fan after the World Series. 

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2. A cell phone without a case on it is as dangerous as running with scissors

Water damage, cracked screens-- your phone has been through it all. Your insurance is no longer available and chances are you are either stuck with a cracked screen or that low quality iPhone 4 until your contract is up.

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3. The half laugh, half cry

Nothing seems to be going your way and you finally reach your breaking point. The tears begin to stream down your face, yet you can’t help but laugh about how ridiculous your life is at the same time. In the end, you’re a left with the awkward half laugh/half cry that just makes everyone uncomfortable.

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4. Your friends can’t take you anywhere

You are a walking hazard. You could go out to eat, but chances are you would spill all over yourself. You could be adventurous, but chances are you will trip over every rock in your path. And don’t even think about shopping, because chances are every item you touch will fall off of the hanger and your time will be spent picking items up off the floor instead of picking out a new outfit.

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5. Karma is your worst enemy

You could volunteer as much as your heart desires in the effort to build up your good karma, but it won’t make even the slightest difference. You must have done something to upset the universe in your lifetime, and now it is surely out to get you.

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6. Your life is one Bad Luck Brian meme after another

You got a kick out of the Bad Luck Brian memes until you started to realize how closely Brian’s life resembled your own. But hey, maybe one day you could have a famous meme of your own *starts half laughing/half crying*.

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7. You are way too superstitious for your own good

Walking under ladders, knocking on wood, Friday the 13th, you believe in it all. There is no room for opening an umbrella inside when your luck is already terrible, so throw that salt over your left shoulder and pray that things are looking up.

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8. Gambling is out of the question

Playing the lottery? Yeah right. You’re just giving away money at this point. And don’t even think about a vacation to Vegas unless you want to lose everything you own. You’re better off staying far away from any casinos, gambling sites, or betting of any form (especially if it’s betting on Florida State game).

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